How to make whipped cream?

If you like to try making desserts, knowing how to whip cream to perfection is essential.

The whipped cream is used to decorate and prepare many creams and mousses, which often constitute the heart of your cakes or your spoon desserts.

Whipping cream, however, may seem like a banality. Still, to understand how to make whipped cream to perfection, it is essential to follow some preliminary precautions and not to hit too long to avoid having an unpleasant buttery effect.

So let’s understand how to whip the cream, what we need to pay attention to, and many tips on how to beat the cream without a mixer or Thermomix.

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Whipped cream with the mixer

Usually, to help us in the kitchen, we use some tools that allow us not to waste time and obtain perfect results in less time and less effort.

Here, therefore, mixers and planetary mixers are essential tools for all lovers of cooking and pastry.

The first precaution that you must have is particular attention to the temperature. Yes, to make the whipped cream to perfection, the fresh cream must be icy, so you will have to keep it for several hours in the refrigerator or for at least half an hour in the freezer. Likewise, the whips and the container must also be icy. Please put them in the freezer for at least half an hour.

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In this way, the cream will whip more efficiently and with a better result.

Another detail to pay attention to is the speed of the whips. You have to start working the liquid cream at a low rate and increase it little by little and gradually, always moving in the same direction. 

If you need to add sugar to the cream, it is always good to use icing sugar and start adding it when it starts to hang down. Add the sugar a little at a time.

Once well whipped, the cream can be used immediately or placed in the refrigerator for a short period.

How to whip cream with the Thermomix

If you have a thermomix at your disposal, this preparation will be even more accessible.

Also, in this case, the cream must be icy and the butterfly you are going to use.

Add the cream into the bowl and start working at speed 4 with the butterfly inserted for about 3 minutes. You have to stop the Thermomix and use your panel.

How to whip cream by hand without a mixer

How do you whip cream without a mixer? It may seem an impossible thing, but with a bit of patience and a minimum of manual skills, you will obtain a perfect result in no time.

Also, in this case, it is advisable to use icy cream, whisk, and container to facilitate the operation. In this case, you will need a classic whisk that you will have to hold at 45 degrees and to which you will have to make very energetic circular movements.

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Once you have started processing, you will not have to stop until you have obtained a perfect Matata cream.

How to tell if the whipped cream is ready?

To understand if you have whipped the cream to perfection you can use the same trick that you use for egg whites.

If, in fact, when you turn the bowl upside down, the cream is still there, it is a sign that you have done a great job.

This result is perfect if you need to use bananas for decorations. IOnthe other hand, yif you need it for mousses or creams, you can stop processing a little earlier itohave a semi-whipped cream.

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