How much to spend on an Engagement Ring

The marriage proposal is one of the most anticipated and exciting moments. It is an unforgettable memory and happy occasion with which couples end their relationship, so it is a great decision to take the step. For this reason, and to surprise your better half,  the marriage proposal must be accompanied by a beautiful ring, one of the most significant jewels for a bride. In the following article, we get to know about How much to spend on an Engagement Ring? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Ask or guess your partner’s choice.

The time to buy the ring is approaching, and you are unsure what to surprise your partner. Do not worry; it is a more typical case. Try talking to your partner about their tastes in jewelry or rings. Of course, if you think you will spoil the surprise by talking about this topic, trust your close friends or family to help you. The more information you collect, the better.

Remember: the engagement ring will mark one of the happiest days, so if you want it to be perfect, you will have to get clues to help you get it right. visit here

Surely you wonder what material a good engagement ring should be made of. They are usually made of gold, both yellow and white, depending on the future bride’s taste. However, if your budget is tighter, you can find beautiful silver engagement rings.

Find out if the bride is allergic to nickel since the rings are not usually pure gold and contain traces of this material. The engagement ring must be at least 18-karat gold to avoid an allergic reaction if she is. In these cases, platinum rings will be the best option.

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How much to spend on an engagement ring?

There are various rates for engagement rings. However, various studies state that invest an average of 1,000 in engagement rings. Although if your budget is more limited, don’t worry, because you can also find engagement rings for around 500.

For all these reasons, our advice for choosing the perfect engagement ring is that once you are more or less clear about your partner’s tastes and style in terms of jewelry, you should establish a budget to buy the ring. Think about how much you want to spend to narrow down your options.

There are infinite engagement rings, so you can discard all those options that do not suit you. Setting a budget can help you do this. You can find many pieces without spending a fortune, but they must be loaded with symbolism. The engagement ring promises the future, and the most important thing is that your relationship is represented in it.

What type of engagement ring to choose?

We are clear that your partner’s tastes and the established budget will determine the purchase of the perfect engagement ring. However, what else should be considered to crown the request with this jewel full of meaning? In addition to looking for a beautiful ring, it is essential to know what type of engagement ring we will look for, and for this, the piece must meet specific quality standards.

Generally, engagement rings have precious jewels embedded that add more value and beauty. In this sense, we must consider both the cut and the color or purity of the piece. To ensure that it is a quality ring, you must obtain a certificate that guarantees the authenticity of the diamonds. You will obtain all the number, size, color, purity, and caratage information. In this sense, you must understand that no matter how big the piece is, you should look for the one with the fewest imperfections. The purer the diamond, the more beautiful and expensive it will be. visit here

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Classic Diamond engagement ring

The diamond is the traditional stone of engagement rings, and they are usually set alone, as we explained in this other article on What is a solitaire ring is and what is it for? This stone symbolizes purity and eternity, so it is the best representative of the classic and traditional engagement ring. However, sapphires, emeralds, or rubies are other recurring stones to add more color and originality to the piece.

When giving an engagement ring, you should also consider the size of your finger so that it fits as made to measure. You can secretly take a ring to take it to the jewelry store, or you can find an ally or accomplice to act as a detective. Getting the size right will guarantee success.

Which Diamond Cut Looks Bigger?

Oval cut diamonds

 While the round cut diamond is the most popular cut, elongated shapes like the oval appear bigger. 

Princess cut diamonds

The Princess cut diamonds are another popular choice for engagement rings.

Choose the best engagement.

You are clear about the style and tastes, you have established the budget, you know what you must take into account to buy a quality engagement ring, and you already know the exact size of your partner. All that remains is to choose the perfect engagement ring to ask for marriage!

That is, without a doubt, the essential step. Whether simple or sophisticated, elegant, discreet, or showy, the engagement ring should represent your partner and relationship. The request is one of the happiest and most memorable moments of your life, and the ring will symbolize your union, love, and commitment.

Think about yourself and how this jewel represents you when choosing the perfect ring. And if you want this gift to be even more special, unique, and original, you can personalize it. Record a phrase inside, a date, a word that represents you, or a message with which you will never forget this moment, your relationship, or yourself. If you have time to plan the request and want to surprise your better half, don’t hesitate to bet on a personalized ring since it will be unique and have incalculable value for your partner.

Let yourself be advised by your trusted jewelers to buy the ideal engagement ring and leave her speechless.

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