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This featured section isn’t always exactly about us playing favorites. It’s more about what you people like, want, or are excited about. We scour the web for not only the things we find interesting, but also weird stuff that the rest of the world seems to go gaga over. But it’s okay, we don’t judge. The digital world is filled where people release their inner weirdoes; our type of weird is just in the Editor’s Picks. We celebrate everything weird and wonderful on Whoopzz, even your type of weird. So expect to see all the Internet famous and viral hits of genius or insanity in the featured section, right in your face when you click into our home page.

Some of the articles we’ve moved here range from beautiful telescopes for the astronomy snobs to ‘why Japan why’ forks that cancel out slurping sounds to wonderful projects that renew our faith in humanity. Remember, what you think weird and totally stupid can be another person’s treasure.