How to make Your Product Page Rank Well on Google

Portraying and setting your product page the right way decides on how well does ranks it in its search engine. Product pages, like any other pages. Need a specific portraying method and working on them to get it to do well on Google. As the better, it gets ranked the more you’re going to get business out of it.

Although when we talk about product pages. Then they are a little different than any other pages on Google. And so, demand a different method of showcasing and overall structure. It’s simply related to eCommerce business

When you portray products in your eCommerce site. Then a page that highlights the features, uses, manufacturer. And much more of that specific product is termed as a product page. In other words, the page that has all the info of a product on an e-commerce website is the product page. 

And hence, because it’s quite different from normal blogs or website pages. A different technique is required to portray it well enough to get it ranked high and reach more traffic.

So, to put it all in short, here are some simple yet effective steps. That would help you optimize your product page and make it do well on Google.

13 Ways to Optimize Your Product Page.

1. Content of Product Page

Give some time to your product page and look at the elements and content of your product page; to figure out what part or content needs more attention and work done on it. Knowing where you need to improve your work before you start doing it. It helps to get things done faster and better.

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2. Themed Photos

Using some impressive and out of the box themed photos, that portray a unique style and most importantly, nothing COPIED. Unique and impressive photography grabs the attention of the customers most of the time. Making the visit more often and show more interest in your products.

3. Detailed Product Content

Detailed and accurate product content is what ensures a customer’s trust in your product and moreover your website. The more information you provide to your customers in an understanding yet unique way, the more the customers get to be sure of what they’re buying and you’re offering something different.

4. Call-to-Action Feature

When you’re working on an e-commerce product page, then you must definitely add a call-to-action feature onto it, for your viewers to avoid complicated and prolonged processes to get in touch with you and receive their product. This makes them lose their interest in the product and website.

5. Mobile View   

Most of the viewers tend to visit a website from their mobile, as that’s the only device everyone carries all the time. Now that’s one big reason why optimizing and setting an easy function setup of your product page for mobile devices is really important.

6. High Ratings and Positive Reviews

Ecommerce is all about gaining your customer’s trust and receiving more and more high ratings and positive reviews. As people look for other reviews as an important part of their research before placing their order.

7. Relevant Product Suggestion

Adding a relevant product suggestion on your product pages helps the customer view more relevant options and decide better on what they’re looking for. This usually even helps the customers to return back to your website to buy something they like in the relevant product suggestions.

8. Catchy Title

A perfect and catchy title of the product page that you’re working on helps to grab the reader’s and viewers’ attention towards the product you’re selling. A title that is short and specific on what product you’re describing below and with all that sounds like it’s standing out, would definitely grab more viewer’s attention and interest.

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9. Page Speed Optimization

The speed is one of the most important things that keep your customers interested in buying products from your website. The loading speed of your product page saves less time for your customers and more of their interest and excitement on wanting to know more about the product stored and satisfied.

10. Limited-Time Sale

Give your customers fear of losing the opportunity to buy your product. You can easily do this by announcing a limited-time sale or limited stock available line on your product page to make them realize they have to be fast in buying it.

11. Customers Trust

To ensure the interest and trust of your customers onwards buying your product till the end is by providing them with an accurate price and shipping rate.

12. Return Policy

The e-commerce websites that offer a return policy gain more trust of the customers as it gives them a chance to return it in case the product is broken or not how it is portrayed or has any other issue. This helps them be sure that their money wouldn’t go waste and they’ll come to visit your website again. And so, adding a return policy feature on your product page also helps your page rank well on the search engine.

13. Q&A Portion

A Q&A portion is also a must-add to ensure a better ranking of your product page on Google. It’s obvious that if a customer is buying something and spending their money on it, they’d probably have little queries and questions related to it. That’s one reason, adding a Q&A portion on your product page and answering them with a suitable answer on it helps them be sure of what you’re offering.

Giving proper attention, evaluation and time to your product page is what helps it grab more attention and drive more traffic towards it. After all, even if your rates are low and quality is superb but the way of portraying a product isn’t interesting or catchy than it would definitely not catch your viewers’ attention.  

Hence, giving more time onto the detailing and content and getting it done in an attracting and appealing way is your eye to grab customer’s attention and get ranked well on Google.



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