Can Roulette Help Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is almost a living breathing entity that needs to be carefully cultivated in order to produce the fruit of your labor. To succeed as a business on social media is a bit of a gamble. What can garner strong positive results for one brand might be a flop for others. Indeed, sometimes social media management is a bit like playing roulette. You understand the basic rules and the possible outcomes, but whether it works or not is down to chance. So, what can we learn from roulette about developing a successful social media strategy?

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Take Some Risks

Roulette comes down to taking risks. Or, finding out which risks are worth taking and which risks should be avoided. Both social media management and roulette depend on analyzing limited information to make a decision. Roulette involves using the limited information of the odds of each outcome – usually slightly under 50/50 (depending on whether European or American rules) to make a decision. Roulette players know whether to make the bet or not based on this and their bankroll.    

For instance, the Netflix/Kettle Chips Twitter exchange that resulted in a lot of turned heads for its bawdy nature was a risk. If it hadn’t worked out, both brands could have been cheapened and seen as distasteful. Luckily, their followers saw the humor, and both brands were looked at in a new light. They also helped influence the direction that ‘brand Twitter’ would take.

Try Many Approaches

Many social media managers take a trial and error approach to social media. Whether or not something will work – and indeed attract customers, which is the end goal – is out of your control. There are tricks and tips that can help, but ultimately, it comes down to trying things out to see what your brand’s audience might respond to. Sometimes videos work for some brands, while photos and long bits of text that require responses work for others. It depends on your audience and what you want the outcome of each post to be.  

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When it comes to roulette, the many variants available reflect this. There are the classic European and American versions with the latter being slightly more difficult for players due to the extra 00. There are also variations such as Penny Roulette, which has a lower bet limit and Spread Bet Roulette, which allows you to be more strategic about where you bet. These can help you spin the best casino roulette variant for your playing preferences. Live roulette is growing in popularity too and allows people to see a live dealer spin the wheel to add to the excitement of the game.

Roulette and social media management for brands might seem worlds away from each other on paper, but in practice, they are actually very similar. Both have a limited set of outcomes, rely on trial and error, have multiple approaches to tackle them, and involve a level of risk. The transferable skills for being good at roulette could help you with social media management. And the skills learned on social media could help your roulette ability.


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