How to make pdf in mobile?

It was the trickier task to keep files consistent and unchanged on all platforms when adobe started document format. Because at that time, we could see documents in all formats on every device, including desktops, Mac, IOS, and androids. But, creating a PDF document was a bit tricky for us. In the following article, we get to know about How to make pdf in mobile? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

But now, we can create pdf online through different websites; also, a huge range of applications are available now in which you can create and edit PDF files and save them in the cloud on your android/iPhone.

How to create pdf on an android phone? 

You can make PDF on your phone easily, and this can be done on both Android and iPhone through countless apps available on the play store, but you need to play safe and choose the one which has good reviews and ratings.

Make and edit PDF files if needed; these apps have many other features that you can use free of cost without paying any premium subscription fee.

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How to make pdf files on mobile from images without any app? 

You can take a photo and convert it for free without any app through online websites. While converting JPG into PDF, you’ll achieve a compressed file with the original quality.

How to convert JPG into PDF online?

Follow these steps to convert JPG into PDF;

  • Go to any online doc converting site
  • Select image to PDFThen, click on JPG to PDF
  • Drag the file and press convert
  • You can also choose a file by selecting “upload a file.”
  • After conversion, click “download.”

How to make a PDF file on iPhone?

  • Download “Photo PDF” from the Apple store
  • Click on “App” and open “camera.”
  • Choose an image by pressing “select.”
  • Press “Create PDF”
  • After conversion, select “share” and then hit on “save to files.”

How to make a PDF on Android?

  • Download any “Image to PDF converter” through the google play store
  • After installation “Open,” it
  • Select an image that you want to covert
  • After processing, tap on PDF Icon
  • Select save

How to scan documents in google drive?

Almost all android devices have google drive. You can scan any document format or image into PDF by default in Google drive.

If you don’t have google drive, you can download it from the play store. By following the below steps, you can quickly scan any document into PDF in the industry.

  • Open google drive
  • On the main screen, you’ll see plus sign at the right corner
  • Click on this colorful plus sign
  • A menu will appear; select Scan from the menu
  • Click on the camera roll
  • Scan document that you want to convert
  • Crop and edit image, if you’re going to
  • Tap save
  • Now change the file name and save it into google drive
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Note: You can’t save PDF files directly into your phone. You need to keep this in google drive and download it later when needed.

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