How to get rid of razor bumps?

Those of you who have facial hair in a mustache and beard must be familiar with shaving activities. To maintain the appearance, men often do not miss the moment of obligatory shaving. Are you one of them? Usually, when the mustache or beard grows thick, few men shave it because this creates a messy and unattractive impression. In this article, we read about How to get rid of razor bumps?

Based on the experience that often happens, because he is so passionate about shaving, his face is sometimes injured by a razor. Not only does it cause bleeding wounds, but shaving wounds can also irritate infection. Of course, in the end, this can affect appearance. Please do not take the shaving wound too lightly because it can impact the health of your skin. Here are some ways to deal with sore and bleeding skin when shaving.

Use cold water to get rid of razor bumps

Coldwater can help to stop the bleeding. The colder the water, the better because cold water can constrict blood vessels, slowing blood flow and controlling bleeding in minor cuts. You can compress the wound using an ice cube for faster results because it is pretty effective at closing the arteries. Hold the piece of ice for a few seconds until the wound closes and the bleeding stops. While you can do the same with hot water (because it can cauterize or heat the damage, causing blood to clot), avoid using hot and cold water simultaneously.

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Try applying a moisturizing cream to get rid of razor bumps

Moisturizers like Vaseline’s waxy texture can block blood flow outside the skin when applied topically. Thus, the blood in the wound has time to clot. You can try using lip balm if you don’t have Vaseline moisturizing cream. The oily texture of the lip balm helps to close the wound and allows blood to form on the injured part of the skin. Make sure not to forget to wipe your face after applying it. Get this moisturizing cream at Bukalapak.

If you are injured and bleeding, immediately try to reduce the blood loss. Cover the wound with a sterile bandage to help prevent dirt from entering and stop bleeding from continuing. You can also use a piece of clean gauze.

Take products with antiperspirant content, such as deodorant.

Applying the antiperspirant present in deodorant is quite adequate because aluminum chloride acts as an agent to stop blood flow. Use your finger to rub the wound gently. You can also rub directly into the damage if the shape is pretty handy and practical. The aluminum chloride in antiperspirant works to prevent you from sweating. When experiencing minor bleeding, this substance can also function to stop the bleeding. 

Apply oral antiseptic liquid to get rid of razor bumps

Although the oral antiseptic liquid is commonly used after shaving, it turns out that oral antiseptic liquid is a potent liquid to help stop blood flow. Pour some directly over the wound or dip a cotton ball in the antiseptic and apply. You can notice a decrease in blood flow after waiting for about one to two minutes. It’s always a good idea to keep this germ-killing liquid to prevent infection in the wound. Don’t worry. If you have trouble finding it, Bukalapak provides a wide selection of this oral antiseptic liquid.

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Please treat it with the help of some kitchen ingredients.

A powerful way to treat other wounds is to use some ingredients that you can find in the kitchen, such as red chili, sugar, or salt. Red chili will help to close the wound quickly and stop the bleeding. However, you will feel a slight pain sensation. Sprinkle a few pieces of cayenne pepper on the scratch and let it work. When the bleeding stops, rinse with a little cold water. Sugar, which is a natural exfoliator, can also help soothe irritated skin. The antiseptic properties of sugar simultaneously help the blood clotting process. Just mix a cup of sugar in half a cup of olive oil. Then apply to the wound. After that, rinse clean with warm water. Meanwhile, table salt is thought to help increase blood circulation and speed up the wound healing process.

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