How to get rid of eye bags

This is how you get rid of annoying eye bags!

Are you enjoying a great weekend with parties, drinks, and lots of fun? Then eye bags will probably be the order of the day tomorrow. How to get rid of eye bags Sometimes, you also have eye bags, even though you slept for eight hours and didn’t even touch alcohol. So the question is: where do these things come from? What are the causes of eye bags, and how do you get rid of eye bags?

How do eye bags develop?

There is no standard explanation for this, but in principle, one can say that the skin on the eye is much thinner and does not have any fatty tissue, but many blood and lymph vessels run under it. We perceive them differently depending on the type of eye bags and the lighting conditions. The color of clothing also plays a role because each color reflects and absorbs different amounts of light or makes it bounce off our face. It meets the upper skin (epidermis) and the pigment granules (the minor accumulations of dye in and between the skin cells). Depending on the composition, we then perceive the eye bags in different colors.

What types of eye rings are there?

  1. Swollen and bags

under the eyes, They arise for various reasons, but mainly due to a build-up of lymph in or under the skin. But the septum orbitals (ligament of connective tissue on the eye) can also be to blame because it expands. As it were with stretch marks on the thighs, this then happens under the eyes. Sometimes the eye sphincter swells (hypertrophy).

  1. Reddish-blue shimmering shadows under the eyes

If eye bags under the eyes shimmer reddish-blue, the blood vessels constrict, the tissue fluid around the eye builds up, and the blood turns dark due to too low oxygen content. But it can also have physical causes: If you have too many small veins (shimmer rather blue) or arterial veins (shimmer rather red) in the eye region, it can quickly look like eye bags in an unfavorable light.

  1. Yellowish, brownish, or greyish

They become yellowish when there is hyperpigmentation of the skin (which can be genetic). Sometimes they also appear in combination with swelling or bags under the eyes. The fatty tissue underneath and the horny layer on the watch also provide a yellowish sheen. Incidentally, this form can also be an indication of a lipid metabolism disorder. Better to have it checked by the doctor.

  1. Whitish

whitish circles under the eyes come from the lymphatic vessels of the skin. They can more or less superimpose the other colors and are often a sign of an allergy.

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Conclusion: The color of the eye bags is therefore individual and different depending on the body structure and inevitable factors.

The main characteristics for all types of eye bags are:

  • The aging process: the skin ages and sags.
  • Extreme weight loss, including on the face. This means less fatty tissue in the eyelids and the facial bones protruding.
  • It is hereditary and even has ethnic type reasons because some ethnic groups suffer from it more often.
  • The nutrient balance in the body is no longer correct: one suffers from a vitamin, melanin, or hemosiderin deficiency.
  • Too little sleep, stress, nicotine and alcohol consumption, grief and worries, or the wrong diet.
  • The body produces too many pigments: This can come from the sun or solarium, from skin aging (pigment spots), or inflammation in the body.
  • An allergy to eye medication, contact lens fluid, eye shadow, shampoos, or even glasses frames can be why.
  • Slow metabolism. Often the eyes swell up overnight because the metabolism slows down at night.
  •  Also, eye rubbing can be harmful in the long run and extend the delicate skin under the eye and make it crack.

For a quick remedy, you can do the following:

  1. Cold cucumber slices provide moisture and let the swelling subside.
  2. Remedies stimulate the blood circulation so that the vessels come together again, and the blood flows faster again, such as eye creams with horse chestnut or caffeine.
  3. Chamomile or green tea compresses.
  4.  Specific massage techniques such as lymphatic drainage help remove fatty tissue and toxins. However, only let a professional do it because you can destroy more than reasonable with half knowledge.
  5. How about just a concealer? Unfortunately, there is not much else you can do with genetically predisposed purple shadows under the eyes.
  6.  Fridge-cold temperatures – whether in the form of ice cubes, ice-cold teaspoons, or Coolpad glasses, constrict the expanded vessels, remove the water deposits, and take away the swelling.
  7. Vitamin A. For example, it is highly concentrated in some creams and helps against wrinkles and lightens the eye bags, and tightens the skin around the eyes.
  8. Ointments that stimulate blood circulation promote lymphatic drainage, detoxify and smooth the skin. To do this, however, they have to contain certain ingredients such as horse chestnut or caffeine. Some also rely on hemorrhoidal ointment because they have similar effects.
  9. Hyaluronic acid injected directly along the tear duct plumps up the area around the eyes.
  10. Botox injected can freshen up tired, sunken eye bags from below.
  11. The fat-away-syringe removes more minor, excessive accumulations of fat on the lower eyelid.
  12. Laser therapy, so-called IPL technology, can use small flashes to reduce the blood vessels and pigment deposits under the skin and stimulate collagen formation.
  13. An operation can remove the fat shift, i.e., the lymphatic congestion or the bags under the eyes.
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