How to write a book

The first consideration is: what book do you want to write and why? How to write a book

We can divide the types of books into two: fiction and nonfiction.

By fiction, we mean all short stories, novels, short stories, and any text based on characters, a narrative interweaving, and a plot.

For nonfiction… everything else: manuals, essays, dissertations, handouts, guides. In short, everything has an educational or informative character and no link with fictional stories or imaginary characters.

If you decide to write a book, you will first have to understand why you are doing it, and once this is clear, you will have a more straightforward path to follow to proceed with its creation, launch, and what perhaps matters most: monetization.

How to write a book? How to write a book

The reasons may be various. For example. How to write a book I wrote my books because I wanted to make my skills known to a broad audience and for a prolonged period. This applies to the first two titles I wrote a few years ago: “Selling online at no cost” and “Facebook marketing at no cost.”

These two titles, still very sold on Amazon today, have allowed me to make myself known by thousands of people who, consequently, have searched for me, contacted me, and some have become my customers.

A completely different story for my best-known book in the sector * “SEO is dead” *, with a deliberately provocative title – it raised a real crawl space in the SEO community and in that of web marketing – it had a more specific and direct motivation to the acquisition of customers and contacts.

As you can see, you can be prompted by various reasons, but let’s try to clarify and summarize them here:

Brand positioning How to write a book

You want to define your brand and position yourself clearly within a niche or market. How to write a book From your book, the reader will understand exactly who you are and dispel any doubts about your specific skills.

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Authority How to write a book

You want to be recognized as one of the leading experts in the sector, and you want to create a work that leaves its mark, that traces a path. In this case, aiming to be a bestselling author and receiving important recognition from your audience will be essential.

Business card

When your book is how you want to introduce yourself to your potential customers, even when cold, how to write a book This means that you always have a couple of copies with you at all times and distribute it for free whenever you meet someone interesting enough for your business to deserve a free copy.

I find it a bit weak as a strategy, but for someone, maybe it is …

Dominate the niche or fill in the gaps

Your goal is to be the only or most cumbersome author on a given topic when someone searches for that specific topic you wrote about.

For example, my friend Claudio Delaini,  who operates in a highly vertical sector, that of safety at work in factories, has published dozens and dozens of books in less than two years, positioning himself authoritatively and massively on all marketplaces (in particular Amazon), for specific search terms.


You want to use the book as a key to opening doors to potential customers, capturing leads, making sales. In short, you want to build a marketing funnel for your online or offline business.

I would say that the latter is the most important motivation of all if you want to achieve positive ROI, but it is also the most difficult to implement: you have to build a path, have the products, and know web marketing tools and strategies well.

I do not consider a good motivation the one that some come to me from time to time to present, to the so-called “personal satisfaction.” I do not see what satisfaction there can be in self-publishing a book since it is within anyone’s reach.

On the contrary, the creation and launch of a successful book are processes that require significant efforts and considerable time resources, ergo mere personal satisfaction – in my opinion – does not justify setting up such a machine.

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Steps to write a book:

Several techniques can help you, but to find out how to write a book, you must experiment and find the right balance between the available time and the focus you can benefit from.

Some methodologies are well known and have always been used by professional writers. I have studied a particularly effective one that combines different strategies and methods, seasoned with a good routine and some excellent tools, helpful in improving my performance as a writer.

Here is a summary of how to write a book efficiently:

  1. I created a draft of the structure of the book. First, I write my thoughts about the work on paper, and I get a rough idea of ​​what I would like to achieve, driven by * why * I’m doing it.
  2. Market and competition analysis. Having clarified the topic, it’s time to go more precisely, so I’m going to analyze the market, studying which books have already been published on the subject and how much they are selling.
  3. Title creation. Based on my research, I define the title, which will then be the leitmotif of the whole work. For example, when I decided to write “SEO is dead,” I knew that I would write a collection of alternative strategies to the usual SEO practices.
  4. Definitive structure. Now that I understand the market, the title, and what I want to achieve, I pick up the book’s design, just sketched and completed it.
  5. I WRITE! To do this, I commit myself, dedicating time (a little at a time) but with a lot of dedication and focus. This is why I adopt the tomato technique; I write during short sessions of 15-45 minutes, interspersed with rigorous breaks during which I do other things.

How to write a book?

Once the writing is finished, we move on to defining the post-production of a book: COVER and REVISION OF THE TEXT.

For the cover. How to write a book I can work on it (I’ve always done this for my titles) or use some good designers at low prices on Fiverr.

As for the revision of the text. How to write a book I prefer to pass everything directly to someone better than me. I tend not to see my mistakes and to overestimate the power of my vocabulary 🙂

Now our book is ready!

The publication part is the easiest; for example. With Amazon KDP, you just need to upload the text and cover files to obtain in a short time (we are talking about hours) the final OK for publication on Kindle and paper eBooks.

Before publishing, however, we must decide one significant thing.

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