How to clean your ears

Are you experiencing clogged ears? Pain? And hearing problems? All these symptoms lead to the diagnosis of a condition called impaction. Impaction is a medical condition in which the ear wax production increases to the critical level that a person cannot hear properly and may feel pain in the ear. In the following article, we learn how to clean your ears? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

The ear wax, also known as cerumen, starts clogging the ear due to the overproduction of the ear wax. Chewing and movements of the jaw trigger the production of ear wax. It is a part of the natural defense system of the ear. The cerumen or ear wax traps bacteria, dirt, and other unnecessary substances, including water, at the very beginning of the ear canal. It does not allow these harmful substances to penetrate the ear and cause infections. It is essential to clean or wipe off the excessive ear wax properly. Complete removal of ear wax may cause harm to the ear. visit here 

Cleaning ear wax is necessary to treat the condition called impaction. So, the question arises of how to clean ears without damaging the ear’s natural defense mechanism and other anatomical structures. There are multiple ways to clean the ear, including home remedies and OTC products. 

Cotton buds/ cotton swabs:

Some people use cotton buds or cotton swabs to clean ears, which is not safe. The earbuds can push the wax further inside the ear canal, which becomes difficult to remove. Moreover, it may damage the eardrum, and you may lose the sense of hearing real quick. 

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Using cotton swabs may also increase the chances of viral and bacterial infection in the ear. So, using cotton swabs or cotton buds is not recommended to remove ear wax. 

OTC ear drops:

There are various products available as over-the-counter products to soften the ear wax. The ear cleaning drops should have hydrogen peroxide or any other peroxide. Peroxides are always preferred because these are the best ear wax softeners. It works by breaking the bonds of the wax and making it ooze out of the ear. Sometimes ear wax softening peroxides do not work for impaction. 

A bulb syringe: 

A bulb syringe is used to soften the wax out of the ear. In this technique, warm water is injected into the ear that softens the ear wax. The warm water breaks the bonds of the ear wax and makes it ooze out of the ear. The temperature should not be too hot or too cold to cause harm. Immediately turn your head sideways to let the water out along with the melted ear wax. The change in water levels may cause a temporary postural imbalance or better-called dizziness.

Ear wax candles:

Candles are not safe to be used at home. It does not have any effects as well. So, it is never recommended to be used alone or at home. It may cause harm to the ear or may burn it. 

Ear canal lubrication:

The ear canal can clear the wax by lubricating it with hot oil or mineral oil. The warm oil may lubricate the wax and help it ooze out of the ear.

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