How to get rid of double chin?

We have summarized the methods to eliminate the “double chin”. Why do you have a double chin in the first place? Subcutaneous fat is not the only cause of double chin! Introducing the causes of double chin, exercise and care methods to refresh the chin area, and recommended items. In this article, we read about How to get rid of double chin?


Maybe some people have such troubles that they look fat or old because of their double chin.

What causes double chin? We will explain stretches, care items, and preventive measures to eliminate double chin. You can also use make-up to make your eyes dazzle. If you want to get rid of the double chin and get a sharp small face, please refer to it.

What is the cause of double chin?

There are four main causes of double chin

The main causes of double chin are “sagging”, “swelling”, “posture” and “subcutaneous fat”.

A sagging double chin is a double chin that is caused by weakening of muscles such as facial muscles and the base of the tongue. The swelling double chin has a swelling face line due to the accumulation of waste products and the stagnation of lymphatic flow, and excess fat accumulates in front of the neck when the posture is bad. Will also be invited.

If you have double chin due to obesity and meat around your face, you should lose weight and remove the fat on your face line.

Smartphone life invites double chin

In fact, many people have double chins due to their posture, and especially when they continue to look at their smartphones, they get worse and worse.

The slack progresses due to the downward posture of looking into the smartphone, deepening not only the double chin but also the nasolabial fold. Wrinkles are engraved on tired eyes, dry eyes, around the eyes, between the eyebrows, and the forehead, and the face itself changes!

An effective way to eliminate double chin

Keep in mind the correct posture

Unconsciously leaning forward. The shoulders get caught inside and the bust position goes down. The shoulder blades open and the muscles become tense.

This will cause fatigue and reduce metabolism.

Bad posture 

Poor posture not only makes your neck look shorter, but it also makes your body look wider. With the head protruding forward, the face looks bigger, and there is a high possibility of suffering from double chin, sagging, and swelling.

Good posture

you keep a good posture, the corner of your mouth will rise first. First of all, the strength of the body has the image of being pulled by a single string from the tip of the head. Check if you can take a deep breath easily by straightening your back muscles while raising your pelvis.

When you are in a good posture, not only your face and body line, but also your feelings will rise and you should be able to become a positive self!

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Exercise to loosen swelling and stiff muscles

First, inhale through your nose and then exhale from your abdomen with the image of collecting all the facial parts in the center.

Next, open your mouth wide and expand the contracted facial muscles at once.

I exhale from my mouth and feel weak. It’s OK if the circulation of blood improves and the face turns bright red! Repeat this about 3 times.

You can do it without swelling and stiff cheek muscles !? [Become an ideal woman with “face yoga”! Pre Lesson]

Effective tongue exercise for chin sagging

First, raise the corners of your mouth so that you can see only the upper eight teeth while being conscious of lifting from your cheeks.

Practice while looking in the mirror!

Next, lick the upper teeth with your tongue and slowly move it from side to side. Be careful not to let your lower chin come out or move. You can do it while holding your chin with your fingers!

Relax the muscle stiffness of your mouth and make it a beautiful smiling woman! Exercise of facial muscles using the tongue [Become an ideal woman with “face yoga”! Lesson2]

Effective for chin and neck muscles [Lower lip exercise]

I’m worried about my double chin, my lower chin is slacking … Recommended for such occasions!

  1. Straighten your back and turn your face up. You don’t have to look directly above. Do as much as you can.
  2. Take a deep breath, pull your lower lip upwards, and take 5 seconds to exhale and stimulate the muscles around your neck. 5 seconds x 3 times.

Whether or not you move your mouth is the key to “aging of the whole body” | [Beautiful mouth] Exercise

Also works on double chin! Neck stretch that beautifully charms even décolletage

The contraction and tension of the nape of the neck makes the face look bigger and affects the condition of the face such as swelling and dullness. A small face effect with a slender and long neckline!

1: Place both hands under the left clavicle and apply pressure downward.

Slowly tilt your head to the right side with your overlapping hands as the fulcrum. It’s OK if you feel the neck stretch slowly. Keep this state for 10 seconds. If you tilt your head slightly backward as it is, the sternocleidomastoid muscle will be further stretched and effective.

2: The opposite is also true.

Place both hands under the right clavicle and apply pressure to the bottom, and slowly tilt your head to the left with the overlapped hands as the fulcrum. If you feel the neck stretch slowly, keep this state for 10 seconds. Gently stretch your neck and jiwar, such as by tilting your head back.

3: Place your hand under the clavicle and in the center of the chest, and apply pressure directly below so that it becomes a fulcrum to get rid of double chin. As it is, slowly tilt your head to the back. If you feel the growth, keep it for 10 seconds. If you push the lower chin upward, it acts on the muscles of the throat and is effective for slack in the neck and double chin!

Facial fascia care to get rid of double chin

Sagging of the face is not just superficial loosening of the skin. It is also caused by the weakening of deeper layers such as subcutaneous fat and facial muscles. Aim for a sharp face line by approaching the fascia that supports the foundation of the face.

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This is the seagull line.

First, use the seagull line and rollers to scoop up from the tip of your chin to the bottom of your ears.

This is the crescent line.

Scoop up the entire cheek from the side of the corner of the mouth to the front of the ear with a crescent line and rollers.

Use two rollers to pinch along the face line from the tip of your chin to under your ears. As it is, pinch it from under the ears toward the cheekbones along the nape of the neck to get rid of double chin.

Recommended items to refresh your chin

A beauty essence that is famous for being effective for lift-up

A beauty essence recommended for those who are worried about double chin and nasolabial fold. When the face line is massaged to lift the skin, it is gradually tightened from the inside of the skin, leading to a refreshing facial appearance. It can also be expected to improve pore opening and slack.

Tighten tightly from inside the skin [YSL]! With this, both the double chin and the nasolabial fold are awesome!

A beauty essence that leads to the longed-for V contour

Massage along the contours from the center of the face to the outside, from the chin to the base of the ears, giving elasticity to all layers of the skin and leading to a crisp contour. The chin is refreshing and the face line is also V-shaped! It enhances the transparency of the skin and gives you youthfulness.

Haste & technique to easily eliminate double chin

Inject light into the chin

A technique that makes your chin look slender and pointed is to inject a small amount of light over your chin. There is also a method of creating shadows by shading to get rid of double chin, but the correct answer is to correct with light such as highlights rather than shadows.

Inject a minimum amount of light from the dent under your lips toward your chin. Be careful as the chin looks big in big light!

Saraba double chin! A crisp face comeback with just one coat

Directly from a beautician! Makeup to revive the chin

The face looks big, the chin line is moody … What should I do?

Shade the face line 45 degrees and put the highlight on the chin! / With

that alone, the face becomes slender and small, and the whole face looks youthful. A good jaw is small and sharp.

Lifestyles and exercises to prevent double chin

Adjust your posture

The autonomic nerves pass through the spine, and in fact, sagging and posture seem to be completely unrelated and related. Adjusting your posture reduces the strain on your body and improves your skin’s metabolism. In fact, some of the patients who came to our hospital said that their spine adjustments and posture improvements made their double chin less noticeable. In other words, sagging can be reduced by improving posture .

Posture habits are indispensable to keep your spine in good condition, so be careful about your daily posture such as sitting posture, and be aware of exercises such as strengthening your abdominal muscles!

Doesn’t your stomach get dented after giving birth? The cause of my hungry stomach was Postpartum diet.

Chew well when eating

Make sure that your facial muscles move well in various situations in your daily life.

It is easy to realize the effect by doubling the number of times you chew when eating. Eating is a very complex combination of movements for the muscles around the face. The muscles around the mouth are trained from various angles.

Double chin prevention exercise

Exercise that works on the muscles around the tongue and chin. Also for improving sagging cheeks and nasolabial folds!

  1. Place your entire tongue on the back of your upper chin. Stick up to the middle of the tongue.
  2. With your tongue on, open and close your mouth 5 times. Move your chin so that you can see the muscles on the back of your tongue. 1 second x 5 times.

Whether or not you move your mouth is the key to “aging of the whole body” | Beautiful mouth Exercise

In conclusion

I’ve introduced the causes of double chin and how to eliminate it, but how was it? If you feel that you are worried about your double chin, you may want to review it from your usual posture. Get the ideal clean face line while incorporating exercises to eliminate double chin.

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