Decorative Glass Windows

Decorative glass products have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent times. And this is especially true for decorative glass windows or doors. Using designed glass for, let’s say, a kitchen backsplash or for glass partitions is not that much of a new trend. However, until recently, majority of people used to prefer clear panes for windows and doors. Apparently, the prevalent mode of thinking used to be that decorative glass such as stained-glass windows look great in ancient, historic buildings… and of course, in churches. When it came to modern homes and buildings though, seemingly they were not such a good fit.

Things have however changed rather radically in the last few years and an increasing number of people today are opting for decorative windows and doors for their premises (residential, retail, office). One reason for this is that choices in decorative glass windows are not limited to stained glass anymore (although, we ought to mention here that in the meantime, stained glass itself has grown in popularity and is used these days in a variety of creative manners in many mostly upscale modern homes). Thanks to improvements in glass production technologies, decorative glass is available today in many different forms, shapes and styles and they are made applying a variety of different production methods. Accordingly, almost all reputed window and door servicing companies today offer design and installation of decorative glass windows to their customers. In Australia, Glass Express is one such company that provides repair, replacement, and installation services for all kinds of decorative glass windows and doors as well as for shower screens, backsplashes, decorative mirrors and other similar decorative glass products. 

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Why People Use Decorative Glass Windows 

Enhanced Aesthetics

There are several reasons why people are increasingly leaning towards decorative windows. To begin with, decorative glass windows can translate into a more refined aesthetics for a particular space. The colors and patterns in the glass can transmit and refract sunlight in various attractive patterns and this can add to the elegance and overall aesthetic appeal of a space. Apart from that, the decorative designs and the glass textures themselves play a major role in improving the appearance of a home, building, etc., both from the inside and the outside. In fact, in this connection, you will be encouraged to know that the famous modern architect Frank Lloyd Wright was known to be a big fan of decorative glass (he used to call them “light screens”) and used it in many of the iconic buildings that list among the more famous of his creations.  

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And keeping pace with the growing popularity of decorative glass, most major window, and door manufacturers these days include decorative glass into their range of products. There are numerous designs to choose from which can then be paired with suitable framing styles and frame colors to attain a desired look. 

Practical Considerations: Boosting privacy and security without blocking out the flow of natural light

Most modern buildings (as well as many private homes) these days use a large quantity of glass in their architecture, especially in the form of many numbers of ceiling to floor windows. While this may not pose any problems with regard to privacy and/or security for certain spaces, at others, keeping the windows covered in one or the other manner becomes critical. 

Of course, curtains and blinds are a popular option. However, the biggest problem with blinds and curtains is that they, for the most part, block out the natural light coming in from the outside. This also means a spike in energy bills since one will have to keep the lights on with drawn curtains. Additionally, curtains and blinds are also a bit of a hassle from the maintenance standpoint, since both require regular cleaning (and it’s quite a work taking those curtains down and putting them up again on a regular basis). 

Decorative glass is a much more convenient option in this regard. No matter what type of decorative glass you are using, it is often difficult, if not outright impossible, to discern with any amount of clarity what is on the other side of the glass. However, the advantage you enjoy with decorative glass windows in comparison to blinds and curtains is that the former will still allow a good percentage of natural light to filter inside a room or space. How much natural light will enter the space (and in what manner) will depend on the kind of decorative glass you are using and its pattern, design, texture, etc. Frosted glass, for example, scatters or diffuses outside light so to give a frosted appearance to the space inside. And with so many options available in decorative glass these days (frosted, laser-etched, fused, backpainted, fritted, laminated, digital art window films, stained glass and more), you can choose what is most convenient for you, in terms of style or appearance, the amount of natural light allowed, and finally, your budget

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Performance and Solar Control

Also, there is no need to sacrifice the energy performance of your doors and windows when you are replacing your transparent, standard windowpanes with decorative ones. A majority of decorative glass types are fit to be implemented into modern energy-efficient insulating glass units. Moreover, with certain decorative glass types, you have the option to use low emissivity coatings that help minimize the effect of UV rays and thus further improve the energy performance of your windows. In fact, the best of these kinds can block up to 99 percent of UV rays. 

So, to summarize, modern decorative glass windows are popular these days since they boost the privacy and security of a space, make way for enhanced aesthetics, and work equally well when it comes to energy performance. In fact, if you are planning to sell your home in the near future, investing in decorative windows, doors or entryways is one of those small-scale upgrades that can still significantly boost the resale value of your home.


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