Mangalsutra is a sacred piece of jewellery and is considered an essential sign of a woman’s marital status. The black beads in the new long mangalsutra design, or even otherwise, are said to protect a married couple’s relationship from negative energies. The jewellery piece is tied around a bride’s neck during marriage ceremonies. No Hindu marriage is said to be complete without a mangalsutra.

The words ‘mangal’ means auspicious, and ‘sutra’ means thread, which is why it’s an important part of the marriage traditions. With new-age women opting for more minimalistic and subtle designs, the mangalsutra designs have evolved a lot. You can check out the latest trendy long mangalsutra designs at Mia by Tanishq.

Lesser-Known Facts About Mangalsutra:

  • The concept of mangalsutra originated in South India, where it’s called Thali. It’s a silver pendant woven in a yellow thread.
  • Northern India later adapted the concept. It was worn in a black beaded thread and had a silver pendant.
  • People in Nepal and Sri Lanka also wear a mangalsutra.
  • According to Ayurveda, a mangalsutra with a silver pendant has health benefits. It stimulates good waves and is suitable for digestion and calmness.

Even though the concept of carrying a mangalsutra is old, the jewellery piece has undergone several design transformations. The latest one is the new long mangalsutra design, which unlike its predecessor of a bulky long mangalsutra, is elegant, chic, and minimalistic.

Today, there is also an option for customizing mangalsutras, and millennial brides can pick pendant designs and thread sizes as per their individual tastes.

Here are some current favourite, in-demand mangalsutra designs:

  • Meenakari Mangalsutra
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Meenakari mangalsutra is one of the new long mangalsutra designs and is gorgeous, to say the least. It’s traditional in the sense that its thread is long and comprises black and gold beads. The pendant has meenakari work with motifs ranging from floral to mandala. This mangalsutra type makes for a perfect family heirloom.

  • Long Chain Mangalsutra

It looks exquisite with traditional Indian wear, especially a saree. The chain is gold and black beaded, and the pendant can be made of any metal of your liking. The thread is usually 20-26 inches long.

The new long mangalsutra designs also come in a thread that is 18-inch long. They can be easily worn with traditional and western wear.

The long mangalsutras are also available in the temple, chandbali, peacock, and many other designs.

  • Diamond Mangalsutra

The chain of this mangalsutra design is between 14 to 16 inches. It’s shorter and has a broad diamond pendant. The best part about adorning this type is that it’s lightweight and versatile. This means it can be worn on any occasion.

While discussing a diamond mangalsutra, one can’t afford to miss the solitaire mangalsutras. They are chic, classy, and elegant pieces.

  • Zodiac Sign Mangalsutra

This design type was made famous by actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. It is made by combining the zodiac signs of the couple, joined with a diamond solitaire in the middle. This type is easy to carry and has a contemporary feel to it.

Wrapping Up!

While this list is exhaustive, there are several appealing designs of mangalsutra that are available in the market. However, the beauty and charm of the new long mangalsutra designs are truly beyond words.

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Its subdued pendant design and thread length make it a perfect mix of traditional and modern. This is exactly why newlywed women these days are gravitating towards longer mangalsutras. Depending on the budget, one can expect to customize it in terms of base metal and the use of gemstones. One can also go for more affordable single chains instead of double-thread mangalsutras.

Browse through Mia by Tanishq to explore more long mangalsutra designs.



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