How to change apple watch face?

Have you recently bought an Apple Watch but are already fed up with the preset dial and would like to replace it with something more congenial to your tastes? Well, I don’t see what you’re waiting for… go ahead! What do you say? Not being very practical yet, don’t you know how to do it? No problem, I can explain it to you. In this article, we read about How to change apple watch face?

If you dedicate a few minutes of your precious time to me, in fact, I can show you, in a simple way but not for this lack of details, how to change the Apple Watch face. I already anticipate that this is an extremely simple operation to perform and that you can implement both by acting directly from the smartwatch and from the iPhone paired with it.

Then? How about putting the chatter aside and finally starting to get busy? Yup? Great! Position yourself, therefore, comfortable and follow, step by step, the instructions below. I am ready to bet that, in the end, you will be able to say that you are more than satisfied with the results obtained.

How to change watch faces on Apple Watch

As I said at the beginning, contrary to what it may seem, changing the Apple Watch face is a very simple operation. It is feasible both by acting directly from the Apple Watch and from the iPhone to which it is paired.

It is possible not only to use the other available “standard” dials, which are all those listed on this web page of the Apple site, but also to modify their appearance and characteristics and, therefore, create customized versions of the same ones. To find out more, keep reading, you will find everything explained in detail below.

From Apple Watch

Do you want to change the face of the Apple Watch by acting directly from the smartwatch? So, to begin with, put on your Apple watch, unlock it (if necessary) and, once you see the watch face currently in use (if a different screen appears, press on the Digital Crown to return to the watch face) swipe from right to left on the display to change it with another one among those already selected previously.

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As an alternative to how I indicated earlier, you can change the quadrant by making a long press on the current one, scrolling to the right or left the list of available quadrants that is proposed to you, and then pressing on the one you want to use.

If there is nothing interesting in the list of your watch faces, you can add more by doing this: access the list of watch faces available for the smartwatch by proceeding as I explained above, select the New option, scroll to up or down the list of available watch faces and when you find one you like to press on it to be able to set it.

If you deem it necessary, you can also customize the appearance and characteristics of a particular dial, by accessing the list of faces available for the watch, identifying the one of your interest or adding a new one as I have illustrated above, and then selecting the Edit button located at the bottom.

Digital Crown

In the new screen that is shown to you at this point, choose whether to intervene on the style, color, complications, etc. by swiping right or left on the screen to select the correct section, select (if necessary) the item you want to customize and swipe up or down on the display or turn the Digital Crown to select what is of interest to you. When finished, save the changes by pressing on the Digital Crown and tap the dial to set it as current.

Have you thought about a specific watch face and want to delete it from the list of those you use? This can also be done. To do this, access the list of quadrants always proceeding as I have already explained to you, locate the quadrant of your interest by scrolling the proposed list to the right or left, drag its preview upwards and press the Remove item.

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From iPhone

Let’s see now how to change the watch face on Apple Watch by acting on the iPhone. To begin with, make sure that the Bluetooth on the “iPhone” is active, so you can connect to the watch. To do this, take the iPhone, unlock it (if necessary), access the home screen and / or the App Library and select the Settings icon (the one in the shape of a gear wheel ). At this point, if in the new screen displayed there is the item No next to the wording Bluetooth , tap on it and turn the relative switch to ON .

After taking the above steps, you can take action. So, go back to the home screen or the App Library, open the app, Watch by selecting its icon (it is the one with the Apple Watch and the black background ), access the Apple Watch section by selecting the appropriate item located in below and scroll through the list of your watch faces in correspondence with the wording My watch faces at the top. When you find the dial you want to set, press on it and tap the Set as dial option located at the bottom.

Bottom Line

If none of the quadrants you interested in present among the quadrants already added, you can select others from the appropriate gallery. To do this, tap on the word Watch faces gallery at the bottom of the Watch app main screen, scroll through the list of available watch faces, all organized by type, and when you find one you like, tap on its preview and press on the Add button , to set it and to add it to your list.

If you wish, you can customize the appearance and characteristics of a certain dial, by selecting it from the list under the heading My dials as I explained earlier and then using the menus and options available to change the color, style, complications etc. All changes made in real-time and visible both in the preview at the top of the screen on iPhone and Apple Watch.

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