What color is indigo?

Classified by Newton as the sixth color of the rainbow, indigo appears as a shade that not easily described, a particular shade between blue and purple capable of relaxing the senses.

Also called indigo, the indigo color has very ancient origins and, to fully understand its true essence and the many possibilities of use, we will analyze the various aspects starting from its meaning up to reveal the multiple shades, including those proposed by Pantone, as well as the best color combinations through a selection of palettes. Through the help of images and practical suggestions, we will also reveal many furnishing ideas with indigo color, perfect for any style and environment both in the home and in the office.

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History and meaning of the indigo color

Natural dye known in Asia as early as 4000 years ago, indigo was also highly appreciated by the ancient Romans and the Egyptians, the Persians, and the Mesopotamians. This very particular color, which seems to be halfway between the suggestive shades of blue and purple, is extracted from the leaves of a leguminous plant that grows in India, the Indigofera tinctoria. Macerated and fermented in water, the leaves are then mixed with a base (for example, soda) and, in contact with oxygen, the substance obtained takes on the perfect indigo color. Probably the name of the shade derives from that of its area of ​​origin.

We have highly appreciated meditation practices. The indigo color associated with the sixth chakra and has excellent relaxing properties. This shade is an experience capable of involving different senses through a modulating effect of the nervous system. It is therefore suitable for creating environments where harmony, calm, and serenity reign in relationships.

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In the light spectrum, indigo between blue and purple and can obtained by mixing cyan and magenta in equal parts. The result is a practically unique shade that has the particularity of being. The penultimate of the colors of the spectrum. That the human eye can see. In particular, in the RGB scale (75; 0; 130), it made up of 29.41% of red, 0% of green, and 50.98% blue.

Combinations and palettes with indigo color

After an exhaustive overview of the indigo color, we can now find out which are the combinations. That best highlights this shade by harmonizing it with the others. Indigo-colored walls.

Given its relaxing and enveloping properties, indigo is perfect to use to decorate the house’s walls. So highly versatile, this color combines effortlessly with any style of furniture. It is ranging from modern to classic to shabby chic or industrial. Suppose you are thinking of painting the walls in indigo color. You will still have to keep in mind the high. Saturation of the hue could reduce or obscure an environment. The solution to this problem could, of course, be the combination with other colors. First of all, white, and the careful study of both natural and artificial lighting systems.

Indigo complements and accessories

Among the most popular indigo complements and accessories, there are certain paintings with warm shades. Upholstery for cushions and sofas as well as carpets. And sheets to transform the bed area into a relaxing and enveloping place. However, If you want to highlight indigo, combine it with white and let yourself. Their encounter with natural wood conquered them.

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