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Building link authority for your website is one of the hectic tasks yet the most crucial one. Thus you must not step back from it. But how do you add better value and strength to your link gaining strategy? Guest posting is one of the most valuable ways to gain link building for a better site authority. However, you need to take note of all the SEO tips before you begin with guest posting on other relevant sites. If you are in the middle of thoughts about how you start with guest posting, then this write-up is for you.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging or guest posting refers to a practice that lets you contribute a post to someone else’s blog. It helps to build up better visitor relationships, enhanced exposure, improved authority, and valuable link gaining.

One of the primary ranking factors in Google is linking. With SEO-optimized guest blogging, you can get stronger chances to secure link backs from other websites. It is also a unique form of marketing that you can have on your site.

You can build up a relationship with the blogger who is hosting your post. You can tap into their audience base that can help you to drive better traffic to your site.

All you need to do is just write a blog or an article per your requirement and then get a backlink in return. Availing your services from SEO Agency can take you on the path to create some exclusive guest blogs.

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Simple SEO tips for your guest post:

Before you take any further steps to start with your guests blogging, you need to take care of all the SEO aspects. Here are some tips to follow while you write an SEO-friendly guest blog.

  • Write the blog for their audience:

Before you start writing a blog, one thing that you must keep in your mind is, you are writing for the audience of your host.  Hence you have to know thoroughly about the target audience of your blogger. Then frame content that knows how to address them. Just like any other blog, your guest post must speak directly about the pain point of your readers. Talk about their problems and needs. 

As your content starts adding value to your audience, they will offer you their attention. It will help your content to resonate quite impressively.

  • Align your content with their brand

Each of the authors comes with their brand.  Similarly, your host must have a brand that helps him/ her to connect with her audience base. To tap into their audience base, you need to make sure that you are aligning your post with their brand objective.

Hence you have to reiterate the message throughout your post that your host share in most of their blogs. It will help you to gain better link qualities quite quickly.

  • Follow their blog format

You need to follow the blog format of your host quite strictly. It will help you to align your content with their beneficial SEO strategy. Hence it will be quite beneficial to you.  In many cases, site owners can give you some explicit guidelines for guest postings.

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One of the best ways to format your blog is, break it into 3 sections. For the SEO-optimized guest blogs, it is better to limit the word count to 1000-1500 words. It must include some of the internal links that can improve your site’s exposure to the audience.

  • Offer an actionable content

The content that you are providing for your guest posting must be actionable enough. Thus it should have all the essential elements in it that can make your readers take the necessary actions if they want. Adding something tangible to your content lets them do something useful on your post. Adding a few CTA buttons or so necessary email links can give them away to directly connect with you. It will ultimately help you to gain supreme back linking authority to your site.


Creating a website and stretching for ways to improve your backlinking can be cumbersome. Hence do not shy away from creating guest posts. It not only improves your brand’s awareness reach but also gives you access to a huge audience base who will very likely reach out to your site. At the same time, numerous links can come to your site, which will ultimately benefit you. Hence follow the above-mentioned tips.



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