How much is an oil change

How much is an oil change? For your engine to purr reliably like a cat and to have a long life, it needs oil. It is used for lubrication, cleaning, and cooling. Pistons, valves, and cylinders work smoothly and move smoothly with a bit of engine oil. Fine abrasion and other particles created during combustion in the engine compartment wash out the engine oil. It protects areas that the coolant cannot reach from overheating.

The oil filter regularly removes most foreign bodies from the engine oil that it brings with it from the engine. But with every kilometer you drive, small parts are left behind, and the oil slowly clumps together. In addition, the ravages of time are gnawing at the condition of the liquid. It becomes more viscous and loses its efficiency. Without reason, the specialist recommends certain intervals for changing the engine oil and installing a new oil filter.

When is the oil filter replaced?

It is also common practice to replace the filter when changing the oil. The advantage: A fresh oil filter keeps the new engine oil clean, and the particles from abrasion and combustion residues are entirely removed from the cycle.

To save money, only the oil can be renewed. You avoid costs for the oil filter with 5 – 20 € and need up to 0.5 l less engine oil. The disadvantage: manufacturers will not accept a complete oil change without replacing the oil filter. With newer vehicles, you must expect a loss of warranty. The reason is simple and applies to an older car: The residues and metal particles collected in the filter are returned to the circuit via the new oil. In doing so, they can cause the wear precisely and tear that the oil change should prevent.

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Costs of an oil change – you have to reckon with that!

The prices for the oil change vary significantly. Several factors are responsible for this. If you know how to adjust costs, you can also decide on which of these points you can or would like to save.

Labor costs of the workshop:

The working time is less than an hour for a specialist. He drives the car onto the lift, turns the drain plug, and drains the used oil into a drip pan. The screw is correctly installed again together with a new sealing ring. The used oil filter is removed and replaced with a new one. Now he can top up the fresh engine oil.

Cost: 10 – 25 €

Disposal of the used oil:

Professional disposal is often offered at a flat rate together with the labor costs. There are extra costs if you change the oil yourself. Some workshops accept it for disposal for a fee. Otherwise, it can be delivered to recycling facilities in the municipality.

Cost: 0 – 15 €

Material costs for oil filter and seal:

These material costs are usually included in the prices of the workshop.

Cost: 5 – 30 €

Costs of the primary inspection in the example:

This is where you have the most significant expense. Two variables determine how many liters of oil your vehicle needs and what quality of fat you want or need to use.

  1. Amount of engine oil: Consumption of 3 to 7 liters of oil is the absolute standard. A small car does not satisfy anything, but mid-range cars or SUVs push this range to the limit. Sports cars are to assess differently again. Some of the luxury versions among the fast and sleek have an oil capacity of 10 to 15 l.
  2. Type of engine oil: Which oil your manufacturer recommends depends not only on whether it can be used for one year or two years in the case of long-life oil. For example, a diesel engine needs different oil than a gasoline engine. The engine oil can also differ from vehicle model to vehicle model. The viscosity is crucial because it determines whether the machine can build up the optimal oil pressure so that the engine oil lubricates the components correctly.
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Cost example for an oil change

To estimate the total cost, let’s look at an example:

The owner of a fancy SUV browses through the information on his onboard computer. He will find an indication that the oil change is due. He quickly dials the number of his authorized workshop to make an appointment. On the day of the work, he can pick up his piece of jewelry after an hour.

Tips to avoid spending too much when changing your oil

Compare the offers

However, you do not have to go to an authorized workshop if you are outside the guarantee period. That is why, Compare the costs at an independent workshop or a chain and pay directly with your current account card or credit card. With flat rates, pay attention to what include.

Change the oil yourself.

Are you skilled in your craft? Then change the oil yourself. If you need a lifting platform, reserve a place in a hobby workshop: the necessary tools and the workplace cost between € 5 and € 30.

Have the inspection and oil change carried out together

You save time and travel costs, the workshop saves working time, which has a positive effect on the price.

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