How much does it cost to build a house?

With the rise in cement and sand as the base material for construction, the cost of building houses in rural areas has also increased. So, how much does it cost to build a house? How much is the price of building a house in rural areas? How much does it cost to build a house if you hire a construction team and buy the building materials yourself? Here, the editor of Xinjia Decoration Network will bring you the rural house price list for reference.

How much does it cost to build a house in rural areas?

 Building a 100-square-meter house would cost about 130 to 150 yuan if only contracted labor, and now the hired labor has risen to 250 yuan per square meter, and 100 square acquired labor costs 25,000 yuan. However, the current material costs are costly. Red bricks only cost 60 cents apiece, and steel bars generally cost 5,000 yuan a ton. A pack of cement is 25-30, stones usually are 130 yuan, and sand is 110. If you count this, it is 900 yuan according to contract labor. Therefore, the cost of building a 100 square house is about 90,000, the cost of decoration is not counted. Of course, this is just rough. If the external walls are covered with better wall tiles, the price will be higher. It is impossible to build a building in the countryside without 100,000. Now it is more and more expensive to build a house. NS.

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2021 rural house price list

At present, the price of the masonry-concrete structure should be 800 to 1,000 square meters if it is contracted for labor and materials. The basic frame structure is about 1100 to 1300 per square meter!

Because the cost of labor in each place is different, and the geographical conditions of each building are also other. You must first understand the cost of planning and building land and then calculate the related costs of construction materials, local labor costs and know the local labor cost price. You know how much money is needed for a square, and the cost of contract labor for self-built houses is quite different. Generally speaking, the price of building an ordinary house is within this range.

Rural house construction contract labor does not include materials price: 

lashing steel bars: 20~35 a square (or some simple and crude, 600 to -900/ton); concrete: 45~55/cubic (including mixing); wall construction: 90~ 150/cubic (it is difficult to find wall builders now); support mold: 30-40/square; plastering: 15-20/square meter (this does not include scaffolding, and the cost of hand scaffolding and renting scaffolding is calculated separately ); Roof tiles: 45/square; (The above quotation unit is: Yuan).

Rural house construction and decoration contract labor price:

Floor tiles: 28/square; facing tiles: 30/yard; skirting: 10/one meter; indoor wall tiles: 30/square meter; stairwell stone: 40/square meter; gypsum board ceiling: 26/square meter (aluminum gusset is expensive Some are around 35 to 40, depending on the brand you choose)

White latex paint

16/square; external wall paste culture stone: 55/yard; dry hanging marble: 105/flat; accurate stone paint spraying: (This price is hard to say, usually when the manufacturer supplies it directly to help you spray it, already Included in the purchase price!).

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Price of building materials: steel bars 4400~4600/ton; red bricks: 0.53~1.2/hp (some places are not produced, the price is expensive); sand and gravel: 120~150/ton; cement: 550/ton; above and everyone The accurate stone lacquer quote: 70~100/square (including labor, the shelf has been calculated before, and there is no need to pay here) The price of other materials is not easy to say, the cost of each place is inferior Enormous, unlike steel and cement, which are bulk commodities, their prices are stable.

The above is about the introduction of the price list for building houses in rural areas in 2021. Many friends in rural homes will choose the construction method of contracting labor without including materials to save their housing costs. How much is one square meter for constructing rural houses in 2021, and will there be some labor costs in each place? The difference, it is essential to choose a reliable construction team. You must also learn to buy house decoration materials, learn more about house building knowledge, and building materials selection skills. Please continue to pay attention to the credit home decoration network!

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