How to read gas meter

It recommends that you understand the readings of the gas meter. You track your energy consumption and ensure that your bills are correct. Our meter reading guide shows you how to read different types of gas meters. Similar to what describes our meter reading guide. If you are not sure what reading you should read, relate the reading on the meter with the value on the last statement.

If you read the gas meter and electricity meter from time to time, your supplier will send you a control invoice. This may mean that you are paying more than you spent, or who wants to? Less, in this case, you will have to pay a higher amount later or increase your monthly payment. To avoid this situation, it recommends reading the counter every 12 months.

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How does the gas meter read?

For some people, reading a gas meter is technically challenging, but you can take some basic steps to your advantage. When reading a gas meter, you should consider two types of meters: scaled dials and movable numbers. Reading a digital counter is almost as easy as reading text on a mobile phone because you can read from left to right as usual. On the other hand, since about four or five dials rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, reading a scaled gas meter may be challenging. The following are the steps to read a mounted natural gas meter;

  1. It will help if you Read the numbered dial from left to right in the same way.
  2. Write down the number pointed to by each hand. If you are confused between two numbers, please choose and use the smaller number. When the needle is between “9” and “0”, it is generally considered that “9” is the smallest number. The arrow appears to be on the number. Would you please check the dial on the right? If you missed the “0”, please use whatever number you have. If the right deal does not pass “0”, please use a number smaller than the number on your hand.
  3. Be sure to keep the current value. Then read the meter one month later. The difference between the current month’s value and the next month’s value is the exact amount of energy you consume in the current month.
  4. Please note that these numbers are slightly different from the numbers on your invoice unless you read the meter readings simultaneously as the card reader.
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Digital meters

There are two types of gas meters: either it will be imperial, or it will be metric. There are four basic numbers for imperial rice and five for rhythmic rice.

How you should read the imperial meter

  1. Firstly you should read the first four numbers from left to right.
  2. Include leading zeros, but do not contain the red number or whatsoever after the red number.
  3. When your counter reaches 9999, it will start recording from 0 again.

How you should read the metric meter

  1. Firstly you should read the first five numbers from left to right.
  2. Include leading zeros, but don’t put anything after space or decimal point.
  3. Once your counter reaches 99,999, it will start recording from zero again.

Dial gas meters

Some older gas meters have dials for readings instead of numeric strings.

How to read a gas dial meter

  1. It would help to read all clock faces from left to right but overlook the large clock face or the red clock face. When the indicator is between two numbers, note down the lower number.
  2. When the pointer is between zero and nine, always use nine. This applies to the first and fourth quadrants of the chart shown.
  3. If the pointer is strictly on a number, write it down and underline it so that you can write and underline the number 7 on the third dial in the image above.
  4. If any recorded number is followed by nine, delete one from the underlined digit. Since the third dial is tracked by the nine on the fourth dial, one of the seven on the third dial is erased. Make it six.
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