How to make an omelet?


Don’t overdo it. The first step to overcome to make a good omelet is to beat the eggs “well”. First, go and read the article in which we tell you how to see if the eggs are only fresh, check that they are, and then take a fork and mix just enough until the white and the red of the egg are amalgamated, but without making them excessively homogeneous. In this article, we read about How to make an Omelet?

Then, to make it even softer, take an egg and separate the egg white from the yolk, add salt and Parmesan cheese, and beat the compounds in two different bowls with a whisk. You don’t need the mini-blender, the arm strength will be enough. Only after having beaten them separately can you mix them very carefully: pour the egg white on the yolk from top to bottom and gently. The beaten eggs will engulf air, and the omelet will tend to swell during cooking. So it will be soft!


Once you have prepared your egg and parmesan mixture, prepare a non-stick pan (to detach the omelet from the bottom more easily and be able to turn it), with extra virgin olive oil. You can also use butter instead of oil, but obviously, it will be fatter. It is important to keep an eye on the doses: if you pour too much oil, the eggs will float, and not only the cooking will not be ideal, but also the flavor will leave something to be desired. So pour a little oil into the pan evenly and heat it for two minutes over medium heat. Then, lower the heat, pour in the beaten eggs, and start cooking by covering the pan with a lid.

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When the surface is almost congealed (after 5 minutes at the most), the cult moment arrives: how to turn the omelet to make the top cook well too? It seems like an operation worthy of an engineer, but to avoid disasters on the floor and ceiling, just equip yourself with a wooden spatula and use it to engrave the compound, so that the liquid part remaining on the surface penetrates downwards and becomes compact.

With the same spatula, tap the pan twice on the side. Then take the pan by the handle, overturn it by sliding the omelet on the lid of the pan or on a plate with a larger diameter (in the latter case it will be more convenient for you), and overturn it with a sudden gesture. Quick and painless, or to prevent the omelet from breaking, you can use two other tricks:

  • Add a teaspoon of 00 flour and a tablespoon of skim milk to the mixture
  • Or change cooking mode: pass from the pan on the fire to the pan in the oven, at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. By cooking the omelet in the oven you will no longer have to worry about having to check often if the mixture is sticking to the bottom (first, however, place the parchment paper at the base of the cutter and spread a drizzle of oil). And you will have homogeneous cooking.


Let it cook for a maximum of 3 minutes and, after having realized with the wooden spatula if the bottom cook, pour it on a flat plate and the perfect omelet done! High and soft at the right point

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This is the ideal procedure for preparing a perfect omelet according to the classic recipe. But, as we said in the first lines, this dish allows us to give free rein to the imagination by adding vegetables, legumes, meats, and cheeses to taste, such as the omelet with asparagus and mushrooms, or that of broccoli, baked with peas and ham,  and many other varieties, which ones do you recommend?

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