how to clean headlights?

Headlights are the eyes of the car. Without them, we cannot see at night while driving a vehicle. The more you go, the more your headlights get dust, pollution, and smoke on their surface. Moreover, due to polluted or dirty headlights, light beams are scattered or fated. That’s why it is essential to keep them clean. You can clean your headlights at home using these simple and practical tips.

Cleaning headlights using toothpaste. 

You can clean your dirty and foggy headlights using toothpaste. Toothpaste cleanses the headlights and removes the minor scratches by giving them a shiny, flat, clean surface. Afterward, rinse it with water.

Apply toothpaste on the headlights and gently scrub it with a rag or sponge until it looks shiny and clean. Toothpaste has the qualities to kill germs and bacteria

How to Clean headlights using baking soda and vinegar. 

Another method to clean headlights is using vinegar and baking powder. Firstly, You have to mix 1 cup of vinegar and two tbs of baking soda, add some liquid soap and make a solution. Apply this solution on headlights and gently cleanse it with a piece of cloth or a sponge. Gently scrub it until it looks shiny and clean. After this, rinse it with water.

Cleaning headlights using insect spray 

Another way to clean your headlights is to use an insect or pest spray on them. Pest spray helps to whip out all the dust particles that stick on headlights. Spray it on headlights and whip it with a paper towel. It will make your headlights sparkling and bright. 

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Cleaning headlights with sandpaper

After washing your car’s headlights with soap and water, tape the area around the headlights so that the paint around it cannot damage during scraping headlights with sandpaper. Wet the sandpaper and headlights with water and scrap them horizontally.  Make sure while scratching, you wet the headlights because otherwise, you are just scratching the glass very severely. The cleaning of headlights depends on how carefully you do this job, so keep this work with interest and spent your 7 to 10 minutes on it. Use sandpaper number 2000 grit. 

how to clean headlights?

Now clean the headlights with a clean, dry towel and then pour some polishing compound on a towel and polish the headlights in a circular motion. You can pass from this process very quickly if you are good at moving your arm in a circular motion. Once you clean your head light, you apply wax on these, just like on the car. Wax clean and protect them. 

You have to apply UV sealant to it. It helps to prevent the headlights from oxidizing dut particles and hazing over again.

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