How to get periods immediately

Cc. How to get periods immediately Everybody, every woman, and every menstruation are different. And, of course, it has to do with why you want to get your period.

The reasons can be very different. Sometimes the cycle gets confused after you stop taking the pill. In part, it has to do with your physical and mental health. And some women want to know how to get their periods despite breastfeeding. And to be honest: Sometimes Aunt Rosa’s actual plan just doesn’t fit in with her schedule. Period.

Getting your period: tips from us, and in no time at all!

Medical means

All medical means work on a hormone basis. And thus intervene in the natural process of your body. But here, too, there are various options:

  1. Getting your period earlier: pill

If you take the pill, you are already influencing your cycle anyway ( you can find out more about this here ). So you can move your period a little relatively safely here. For example, you can start retaking the pill 1-2 days earlier during your period, and so your next period will come earlier (since you will have your “pill break” again a little earlier than planned). Or you can skip the break, take the pill and skip a period.

CAUTION: you should not do this too often and read the package insert beforehand and talk to your gynecologist. The pill affects your hormonal balance and is not easy to gain. It can affect your health, your emotions, and of course, your fertility.

  1. Hormone patch, vaginal ring, etc.

The hormonal patch and vaginal ring can use in a similar way to the pill. That means: Here too, you can get your period earlier. If you use the vaginal ring, you can put it back in 3 days earlier, for example, the next time the bleeding starts three days earlier.

  1. Painkillers

Some women say that ibuprofen helps relieve the pain of cramps and cuts the number of days of their periods to almost half. To do this, take one tablet 3-4 times a day – but NEVER more than the maximum daily dose on the package insert!

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ALSO CAUTION: Ibuprofen is a drug that drastically affects your body (one of the reasons it can have side effects). How to get periods immediately Painkillers should only be used in emergencies and for a short time! This should not be a long-term solution.

Herbal Remedies: My Experience

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C can increase your estrogen levels and lower your progesterone at the same time. This is supposed to cause your uterus to contract and the lining to shrink and peel off. Then it says: Hello period!

Even if there are no scientific studies to prove this (it is about a women’s issue – there is almost no medical research on this), it still seems to work well! I was taking anti-cold vitamin C – and my period came two days earlier than usual! I haven’t repeated the experiment enough times to tell you how often this method works, but at least once, it worked.

Many foods have a high vitamin C content, so (in raw form) can achieve the same result. For example, parsley, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruit, guava, papaya, tomatoes, and vegetables such as broccoli and spinach have a high vitamin C content.

  1. Other plant period boosters How to get periods immediately

  • Ginger: This root is said to cause the uterus to contract, thereby triggering your period more quickly.
  • Turmeric: Similar to vitamin C, this root is said to affect estrogen and progesterone levels.
  • Chinese angelica: This root helps blood flow to the pelvis. This can stimulate bleeding.
  • Bug herb: The herb stimulates the entire cycle, especially the blood flow to the lower abdominal area.
  • White peony: It promotes blood circulation in the pelvic area and thus leads to an earlier menstrual period.
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These herbal remedies can be quickly taken as tea, and some can also be used as spices in food preparation orders from the pharmacy.

Physical means for a previous period

  1. Warmth/relaxation How to get periods immediately

Many women swear by a hot bath or a well-placed hot water bottle to stimulate their menstrual flow. This is most effective when you combine it with general relaxation. Extreme stress can cause a change in the hypothalamus of your brain. This regulates your hormones and thus your period and how to get periods immediately, So peace has a decisive effect on your menstrual period!

  1. Sport/exercise How to get periods immediately

Those who manage to move during their period or do some sport regularly can often shorten the days of their period a little. How to get periods immediately Movement stimulates blood flow, resulting in faster drainage and shorter periods. But beware! Too much competitive sport can strain your body so much that your hormonal balance effect and your period stop completely.

Bottom line: There are almost as many ways to get your period faster as there are reasons why we want to. Natural methods are usually better for your body. How to get periods immediately But in the end, it is always your personal decision which way you use. My suggestion would be to do some research beforehand.

And: again, the reminder that none of the remedies have 100% success rates. Even with hormonal intervention, your body can react differently than hoped. How to get periods immediately So please: do not expect miracles and switch off your mind under no circumstances. And as always: When in doubt – ask a doctor!

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