How to dye your hair?

Dyeing your hair at home not only saves money but also has a sense of accomplishment. Today, Annie will share her practical experience with everyone. Since we are not professionals, the most important thing for DIY hair dyeing is to choose a good hair dye cream, which must be foamy and easy to dye evenly. Of course, Annie will share the hair dye cream she is using with everyone. The address is shared in the reference materials below, which are very useful and suitable for DIY. Hair dyeing is a technical job, but as long as you read Anne’s tutorial carefully, you can dye great hair. Below, let’s see the whole process of dying my hair.

There are the following steps: 

Step 1: 

First, let’s take a look at my hair. I have dyed my hair before. The color is fondant brown. Now that half a year has passed, I have grown a lot of new black hair, so I need to touch it up. The method of touch-up dyeing is a little more complicated than the first dyeing of all black hair. Both methods will be explained here. It’s best to wash your hair the day before and don’t use conditioner. If your hair is not very greasy, you don’t need to wash your hair specifically. The hair must be dry, and the wet hair will not be colored.

Step 2: 

Because it is a re-dyeing process, the process of dyeing the hair should be carried out 2 times. In the first stage, only the newly grown black hair is dyed, because the new hair is not easy to color, and the hair that has been dyed before is easier to color. Although it is very simple to dye hair with foam, it is recommended that someone help to dye it. After all, you can’t see the back of your head. It will be bad if you don’t dye it evenly. Find a girlfriend and 2 people to dye it together haha.

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Regardless of the touch-up dyeing or the first dyeing, it is recommended to divide the hair into several layers and dye it separately like a hair salon. Don’t be too troublesome, so that the dyeing is very even, otherwise, there may be some uneven dyeing at the edges and corners. The specific dyeing is divided into several layers. Everyone depends on the situation to determine. If the hair volume is large, divide it into several layers, otherwise, it is difficult to dye. I have already changed into an old dress. I suggest you change into an old dress or use a disposable shawl.

Step 3: 

First, evenly spread the black part of the bottom hair with hair dye. Please pay attention here. Many people’s hair is at the bottom and the temples are the easiest places to dye. The body temperature of this part is relatively low and it is not easy to dye. You must dye it first. The top of the head is the highest temperature and the easiest to get on Colored places must be dyed last. Rub your hands like clothes. Don’t dye hair that has been dyed before.

Step 4: 

Again, continue layering, and then dye the hair in the same way as before. If you can only dye MM by yourself, don’t layer it horizontally. Vertical layering is easier to dye alone, otherwise, you may not be able to see the back of your head. Just like combing two braids when I was a child, I divided my whole hair into 2 sides vertically and dyed it while dyeing it. First dye the bottom part and then the top of the head.

Step 5: 

In the same way, just dye the new hair little by little. Note: If it is the first time dyeing MM, the method is the same as mine, but it is one-time dyeing of each layered hair. It does not need to be divided into two dyeings, it is actually easier. After the first dyeing, wait for about 40 minutes. This time is not certain.

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According to the condition of each person’s hair, the hair itself is light or soft, which is better for coloring, or you don’t want the color to be too obvious. The time can be a little shorter. The hair color is black or very hard. It is difficult to paint. This time should be longer. During the waiting process, you can let your girlfriends look at the hair every 10 minutes. The next coloring situation, and then confirm. So I can only say an approximate time, and there is no way to give a definite time.

Step 6: 

After 40 minutes, you can dye the remaining undyed hair as well. This time everyone needs to check the areas where the hair was dyed before, whether there are any bad or uneven areas, or areas that don’t show up. Add more hair dye cream on top, after adding hair dye cream to the ends of the hair, just like usual washing hair, rub all the hair, so that a lot of foam will come out, add hair cream where there is no foam. Pay attention to the hair on the temples and neck, which is easy to overlook.

Step 7: 

In order to make the color more beautiful, I even added the plastic wrap used for cooking, haha, like a future female warrior… Under normal circumstances, there is no need to use a hairdryer to heat it, and the daily temperature of 20-25 degrees is enough. Be careful, don’t feel that it’s ok if you apply it all on, save a little bit of hair dye cream for next use. The more sufficient hair dye cream you put on, the better the color will look. Don’t save for this. The best result is the most important thing. Haha. Even if there is less foam, squeeze more and rub it.

Step 8: 

Wait for about 20 minutes, remove the plastic wrap, knead the whole for 2-5 minutes, and even out the color the last time, you can wash it off.

Step 9: 

The final result is pretty good.

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