Instagram is the most trending and popular app, especially for the young generation. We all spend a lot of time on Instagram scrolling and Facebook. Instagram has all entertaining videos. But we are all shocked that why Instagram dont add a download option. But we can also do his work by downloading other insta video downloading video apps. In the following article, we get to know about How to download Instagram videos? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Story saver- InShot

It is also a new type of Instagram version. It allows you to watch and download insta pics and videos in a few seconds. InShot is not only for watching and downloading videos and photos also will enable us to upload your short videos and pictures. Easy to download and install, and all features are free to init. But sometimes, it dont allow the users to comment and post. Other features like a dark theme, copy tags and save activity log, translation in many languages, and unlimited downloads are present.

Story saver by Magic Mobile Studio

Its main feature is shown by its name to save insta stories, images, and videos. Very easy to use. You have to copy the link and paste it into it, and yes, your video is ready to download. Like other apps, it is also a free app that allows you to download the video and picture later on Instagram. Easy to use and compatible with insta that downloads your video and photos from the link.

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InsHand download

One more application lets you download insta videos and images by link, just like the story. But be sure that you copy the URL properly and correctly. Otherwise, it can’t work. Also, provide a dark theme to meet the needs of the young generation. It’s a free tool but contains few ads. 

Intake downloader

The intake downloader is about 10 megabytes and has a simple and clean interface. Just like other apps, it also works by copying links and past in the URL bar and allowing you to download videos, stories, and images. The download video is instantly downloaded in the download section next to the main bar by clicking on the download video. Also, allow the dark theme that can activate in settings. Dark theme and multiple language options are present. Also, avoid ads by getting a premium paid version.

Social down

Social down is the solution to your Instagram upload problem. It allows you to download several videos in a few minutes. Also, work on all computers and mobiles but lack cool features, and the tool is much slower. At the same time, downloading be sure that you are downloading content in original pixel quality.

It is a good app that allows you to upload time to time story on insta but lacks many features some people put off its use.


With this app, you can download and upload any Instagram video and photo anywhere in the world and from any device. It creates hashtags and allows to load of massive content. The most interesting it works on all devices like mac, android, and computers. Just press on the 3 dots of interesting content to copy the URL and paste it into the Ingramer URL bar. Your content is ready to download.

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How to download Instagram videos

It is my favorite app while using Instagram that download and upload video instantly and make cool hashtags.

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