How to use menstrual cup?

The monthly menstrual cycle is painful and uncomfortable; yes, the struggle is real. The revival of feminine care for menstrual products starts from using cloths, and now it turns into disposable pads and tampons that prevent leakage. Pads lessen the struggle, but still, you are scared of leakage. To resolve this issue, the feminine care industry has come up with an ultimate solution in the form of a menstrual cup. A small funnel-shaped product that is made of safe silicone. Perfect for feminine hygiene that is easily inserted into the vagina to collect blood without any leakage problem. A disposable menstrual cup is also available for one use. 

What to consider?

Dozens of brands are selling these cups. You can purchase any of them, but before making a purchase, consider some important factors; 

  • Age
  • Cervix Length
  • Blood Flow
  • Menstrual Cup Capacity to collect blood (mentioned on the packing)
  • Menstrual Cup Flexibility 
  • Are you a virgin or not?
  • Gave birth vaginally or not?

It is preferred to use smaller cups for younger girls, and large ones are recommended for older women and Mothers. You can consult a doctor for a detailed examination if you do not know the above factors. 

How to use a menstrual cup? For Beginners

If you have already purchased a menstrual cup and now you’re worried about how to use a menstrual cup, then no need to worry; I’m here to help you. If you are a beginner, it feels uncomfortable for the first time. Those who often use tampons can easily use it; it is similar. 

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Follow the given steps;

  • Maintain hygiene by washing your hands and menstrual cup
  • Disinfect cup in boiling water for a few minutes 
  • Let it cool after that
  • Apply lubricant to the opening of the cup if you face difficulty while inserting it
  • Hold the cup and press in the middle with the finger, and then fold it
  • Could you take a deep breath and Insert it? 
  • Open cup inside and rotate it to settle

Tip: You will not feel anything if it is inserted correctly. 

Wearing time

You can wear this for almost 12 hours, also for overnight to stop ruining your bed. It also depends on the flow. If it fills early, take it out to prevent leaks. 

How to take out Menstrual Cup?

To remove a menstrual cup, you must do these things:

  • Clean your hands.
  • Place your thumb and index finger in your vagina. You can pull on the stem slowly until you reach the bottom.
  • Push the base down to loosen the seal, then pull it downwards to take the cup off.
  • After you’ve finished, pour your cup into the toilet or sink.
  • Menstrual cups reused must be cleaned and scrubbed clean before insertion in your vagina. The cup should be empty every day at least two times.

Menstrual Cup Benefits

  • This feminine-friendly product can collect blood more than other methods (pads, tampons, cloths). 
  • An eco-friendly women’s product as compared to tampons and pads. 
  • These cups save you from the hectic situations of blood leakage and messed-up bed sheets.
  • Also, these are budget-friendly; you buy them once, and they last longer, up to 10 years, if they are adequately maintained. 
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Menstrual Cup Side Effects

  • Difficult to find the perfect fitting
  • Can cause vaginal irritation to the vagina

Note: Recycle disposable cups after the removal.

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