How to delete amazon account

It is very common for users to close their amazon account for various reasons like problems in shipping times, taxes, or loss of interest in Amazon, so they want to delete the Amazon account, but it’s not as easy that deleting the app from a mobile. 

We know that there are two types of accounts on amazon: buyer and seller. In this article, I will guide you on how you can delete both versions very easily, and you can also create a new account later when you are interested in new products to buy and sell.

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Close your Amazon account as a buyer

If you want to close your account on the Amazon portal, you have to follow a few steps to do this more easily and clearly.

Open your pc browser and search the official site of amazon and enter it.

Now click on the box that says hello and identify your account. Then you will see a menu opens automatically. Click on the login. 

Then you will have to enter your email or phone number, whatever you have, and join it with your secrete password. After clicking on login finally, you are entered into your Amazon account profile.

Now, click on help below the search bar on the home page. Then click on Consult hep pages. After that, you need to click on More service. After that, you will see an option Contact us prest on the right side click on it.

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Now you have to select the box that says Prime and others.

Now a menu will appear. You have to Select a problem.

Now you must select the option Upgrade your account information.

Here a drop-down menu will appear at the bottom now. Choose the option delete account. 

Now many options will appear. You have to choose one to close your profile. Usually, the chances are a phone call, message, and email. Select one of these.

Close your Amazon account as a seller

In this case, the steps are slightly different from the buyer’s account.

After opening your pcs browser, search the official Amazon seller website.

When the website opens, take a look in the upper right corner and click on identify yourself.

Now a form will appear on your screen to fill. First, you have to write the phone number or email address according to your account. Then fill the second row by entering your secret password. Click on login.

Finally, you are now in your profile. Click on the Help button present in the upper right corner.

Now will display a menu on the right side. Select the contact us option present on the bottom. 

On this page, teck a look at the left column and select your account section. After that, hit the close your account option.

Now you have to fill another form. Enter your data like email address, phone number, and indicate your intention to close your Amazon seller account. Once this is done, click on the button to send your request. After a few days, the Amazon team will contact you to complete this process satisfactorily.

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