How to cut a Watermelon?

Three ways to cut a watermelon without making a mess

The watermelon is a popular summer snack on hot days. From a botanical point of view, melons belong to the cucurbit family and are therefore vegetables. But whether fruit or vegetables – we do not care – the main thing is ripe and tastes sweet. But to find out, you have to get this “green pumpkin” small first! In this article, we read about How to cut a Watermelon?

We hardly look like the one in the photo. Most of the time, the juice has run everywhere, your fingers stick, and the risk of slipping your knife on the wet peel is more significant than ever before. Stop it! Here are three hacks that will help you cut a watermelon quickly and cleanly to then eat it relaxed and without injuries or dirty clothes.

You don’t need much to chop a melon quickly, just a sharp knife with a large blade and a cutting board.

Hack 1: triangles

Everyone knows watermelon in triangles – but the challenge is to cut them without slipping on the peel and sprinkle everything with melon juice. We’ll show you four steps to beautiful triangles and give you a tip on how you can turn the boring classic into a party eye-catcher.

  1. For the triangles, you have to cut the watermelon in half first. To do this, you place the melon on a cutting board, pierce with the knife from above and press it down.
  2. Once you have two halves, you grab one of them and divide it into quarters.
  3. Place the quarter on the peel side and cut finger-wide slices into the pulp. You can leave out the peel.
  4. Finally, hold one side of the melon with your free hand while placing the knife between the pulp and the skin to peel off the triangles.
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It looks best if you arrange the triangles offset in the peel of the watermelon:

Variation: Separate the triangles from each other when cutting. The melon can now be touched better through the shell – perfect for a snack in between.

Hack 2: melon pens

You have probably seen melon triangles before, but do you also know melon pens? This variant of cutting is extra fast and without any significant mess. Another advantage is that you can eat the melon pens without getting sticky fingers – because you can easily touch them by the skin.

  1. Cut the watermelon in half as you did in Hack 1.
  2. Lay the fruit on the open side so it won’t slide away, and your fingers will stay clean as you only have to touch the skin.
  3. Now first cut thumb-thick slices vertically from the melon and then turn the board 90 degrees.
  4. Then cut the pens to the desired size. You can now serve the melon.
  5. You can now easily pull the pens out on the shell without your fingers sticking together!

Hack 3: melon cubes

Many people prefer to eat the melon with a fork – there is nothing wrong with that. In addition, the melon cubes are good in (fruit) salads and can be quickly processed. However, how do I get evenly cut and bite-sized pieces out of the big green ball?

  1. Halve the melon as you did in the first two hacks, then divide that half into two quarters.
  2. Take a quarter of melon and hold it in place with your free hand. Pierce the melon at an angle from above with the knife and make a horizontal cut. Depending on the desired cube size, repeat the stake every 1-2 cm.
  3. Turn the melon 180 degrees and repeat the same process on the other side.
  4. Now, as described in the first hack, cut into triangles as wide as a finger.
  5. Then you can easily peel off the pulp with a cut along the skin.
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