How much does a new roof cost?

Leaked and broken roofs are a matter of great concern for its owners. The very next question that comes into their mind after seeing the bad condition of roofs is, “How much will my new roof cost”? And the answer might make you feel worried or disturbed since the total expense to replace a roof is much higher than our expectations. An average size roof cost depends on the quality of material you want. In the following article, we know how much does a new roof cost? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

For your convenience, we will discuss some types of roofs and the estimated cost for their installation. But it’s better to get 3 to 5 estimates before hiring any roofing contractor because it would make it easy for you to make any final decision on a new roof cost.

Asphalt roof

Asphalt shingles are the most affordable and reliable roofing options for homes. Besides being durable and cost-effective, they are available in various colors and designs. If you want a beautiful and durable roof, then asphalt would be the best choice ever. Its installation and repairing are so easy and time-saving. The most important thing about such roofs is that they can be recycled. It costs around 1$ to 2$ per square foot, and the total cost ranges between $5000-$12000.

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Cedar Shake roof

A cedar shake is a roof system made of natural wood materials, and it is relatively low weight compared to other roofing materials a new roof costs. It costs a little more than an asphalt roof since it is between 2$-3$ per square foot. Total cost is $11,000-$17,000.

Metal roof

If you are finding a solution for not changing your roof for the next 40-50 years, you can trust metal roof blindly since it is resistant to fire and insects, and one more quality that makes it unique is its lightweight. This kind of roofing is attracting attention daily because of its durability and new roof cost. Aluminum roofing costs between 3.15$-6$. Copper roofing is the attractive option for metal roofs and the most expensive roofing system that costs between 14$-25$ per square foot. Total cost ranges between $26,430 and $43,650.

Composite (Synthetic) Slate roof

The average lifespan of a synthetic slate roof is similar to the metal roof, but it is slightly costly than the latter. It costs 10$-15$ per square foot, but it is not possible to provide a total estimate of the synthetic slate roof since it depends on the type of material used in the installation, and the labor cost can be high depending on the workload a new roof costs. 

New slate roof

Another long-lasting roof system is the slate roof. It is relatively heavy and higher in cost than all the other roofs available in the market. Correct installation guarantees the maximum lifespan of this roofing system. It costs $15-$20 per square foot, but like the synthetic slate roofs, the total cost for this roofing wouldn’t be possible to mention, but slate roofs have always been good options.

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Here we have given you some of the best roofing options. Now it’s totally up to you to make the final decision and choose the right one for you. Besides this,  finding an experienced roofing contractor would be a hard task for you, but it is necessary to take time to think and save your hard-earned money by hiring an experienced contractor for roofing.

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