A power nap

Has your phone or laptop ever given up on you while you were busy finishing a task? Sometimes, the electronics are stuck and won’t work well unless we reboot it, right?! Why shouldn’t we consider ourselves in a similar situation? After all, we’re only human. If you feel sleepy anywhere between 1 – 3 PM every day, it isn’t your fault – our bodies are designed to need sleep at this given time. Though napping comes with many misconceptions, 34% of employers allow napping in their workspace. Why is a nap crucial? In this article, you will know its benefits and how you can improve your productivity just with a power nap!

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A nap with benefits

A 15-minute nap boosts your energy more than an entire night’s sleep would. It boosts your cognitive performance while giving you the required rest. Every job has some level of stress, especially if you’re working in departments like marketing or sales. 

A nap not only improves your capacity to learn but also enhances your problem solving and logical reasoning skills. While your body relaxes, your brain works on repairing and rejuvenating. However, ensure that the nap isn’t more than 15 – 30 minutes, lest you’ll wake up with fatigue or a headache.

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Steps to reboot your system

Find a balance while you work with a nap and do it the right way! Here are some tips,

The right time

As mentioned above, 1 – 3 PM is just the right time to nap. However, every person’s shift timings are different. So, pick your time and place to nap.  

While on the snooze, it is easy to slip into a deep sleep. Save yourself from an awkward moment and set an alarm. 

Avoid sleeping on your desk even if you’re working from home. Give your body the proper rest it deserves. Also, while working from the office, sleeping in the resting room is an etiquette to avoid distracting your colleagues!

A coffee power nap

Turn your coffee break as your coffee nap! Studies show that drinking coffee before you hit that snooze doubles your alertness when you wake up.

The caffeine takes approximately 20 minutes to absorb into your body. So, when you’re sleeping, the caffeine is doing its job of charging your whole body up!

Although, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea! or coffee! Since few people express they’re charged right up after grabbing some coffee.

Don’t wake up

As hypocritical as the header sounds, don’t wake up with a sense of urgency! The whole point of the catnap is to reboot yourself gently.

Reviving yourself with a million to-do tasks might only put you in a bad mood. And thus affecting your productivity. 

Once you’re awake, give a couple of minutes for your mind to reset. Splash some water on the face and hustle on for the next couple of hours!

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