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If you are a student, then you are probably actively using online resources for your own good. Almost everyone now has a profile on social media and chats with friends and family online. But the Internet has to offer much more than that. These days, we have access to the unlimited amount of resources that are free to use. 

If you are willing to make your studying process better with the help of the Internet, in this article you can find the list of the best resources for learning and making your lifestyle much easier. Don’t waste your time and choose the best resources here right now! 

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Top 8 websites for students you should check out

With the era of the Internet, many new sources of knowledge appeared, and now it is much easier to discover something new online. If you are looking for the best websites that will definitely help you learn and become better, then here is a list of the best sites for you: 

  1. Coursera. This is a platform where you can find courses for all different subjects. You can choose a course from a university you were always interested in and study the course that is taught by it online for free. You can also get a certificate that will prove that you have covered a certain course. 
  2. FastEssay. If you are looking for an urgent essay writing service, then FastEssay.com is the best option for you. On this website, you can order any kind of paper for a nice price. If you feel loaded with homework and need assistance with your essays, you should definitely check out this source. They offer online support 24/7, so feel free to ask your question or to make an order at any time. 
  3. Edx. This site is very similar to the previous one. Its goal is to provide everyone who is willing to be educated in any area with high-quality courses and materials. You can choose to study any course or specialty that you are interested in. 
  4. Lifehacker. This website offers a variety of hacks and tips on anything that you need help with. If you want to make your life much easier and more comfortable than this source is going to help you with that. From traveling to cooking, here you can find all kinds of hacks. 
  5. YouTube Education. This section of YouTube is full of different educational videos on all kinds of topics. What is even better is that more and more videos are constantly adding up to the page. Find a topic that you would like to learn more about and start watching videos for free right away. 
  6. TEDed. As you already know, TED is a huge platform that holds conferences around the world on different topics. TEDed is another format of the same source. It offers short animated videos that present interesting topics and useful information that are understandable for anyone.
  7. Gutenberg. This a great project that has gathered a collection of many amazing books of all different genres for free. This is an especially useful resource for students because often they have to read a lot of books, and here you can find literature that otherwise you would have had to pay for. 
  8. Audible. Students, as said previously, have to read a lot of books. Often it is hard to read all the time, especially if you are on the way to school or college. In this situation, audiobooks are a good solution, and with Audible you can find many different books to download. 
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Use the Internet for your own benefit 

Now you will not surprise anyone if you say that you are studying online. The Internet offers a variety of useful resources that you can check out and use to become more educated on different subjects. Sometimes it takes time to study, but with the online resources, you can study faster. 

All you have to do is just to choose those resources that you find the best and start using them today. But remember that you should not forget about other ways to study and don’t overuse the Internet when it comes to getting an education since there are many different things that are interesting as well.


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