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Different Ways of Capturing Screenshots on Mac

Taking a screen shot on Mac is quite easy but people finds it confusing and forget key combination to take different type of screenshots on their Mac. In this article we will look through every angle of the way of taking screenshots on a Mac book. This is a basic level tutorial and if you are a pro user you can still read this article till end as you will definitely find something new in this tutorial.

Different Ways of Capturing Screenshots on Mac

  1.       Capturing the whole screen
  2.       Capturing the selected content part of your display
  3.       Capturing a selected window on your desktop
  4.       Capturing menu bar
  5.       If you are using mac with touch bar screen


Capturing the whole screen of your Mac book

If you want to take screenshot of every visible part on the screen, then press command shift and 3 key together to take a whole screenshot on your Mac book. Let me clarify the combination again, give it a focused look “Command + Shift + 3”, by pressing these three keys together you can have a screenshot of display of you Mac book. This screenshot image is saved on desktop by default, and you can use it in future according to your need. This “Command + Shift + 3” combination works for those who want to have full screenshot of their display, not for those who want screenshot of selected content of the display.

Capturing the selected content part of your display

The second type of screenshot is capturing the selected parts or selected content of the display screen. If you want to capture the selected part of your desktop screen, then you have to press command shift and 4 key. When you press “Command + Shift + 4” key combination, you get a cropping cursor as a result, check out your mouse cursor, you mouse cursor shows a plus sign with some numbers it means now you are allowed to select any portion of your screen to capture it as a screenshot image.

This is not a difficult job to do as you only have to move your mouse on your track pad and release once the required portion is covered, release the cursor, and it will capture the selected region as a screenshot image. After capturing the screenshot, it is saved on the desktop of your Mac book.

Capturing a selected window on your desktop

Capturing the selected window on your screen, like a software window or a browser window or any window on your desktop. If you want to capture screenshot of any window on your screen, then all you need to press is Shift Command and 4 key combination. With this combination “Command + Shift + 4”, crosshair tool is enabled. Effects of Globalization on Developed Countries

Now release the keys and press the space key on your keyboard. You will get a camera icon on your desktop and a blurred screen display. Now you have to tell the device the area you want to capture. For instance, if you want to capture the doc items, you just need to get your camera icon on that area and click there. A screenshot sound you hear it means you have got your screenshot. This screenshot is also saved on desktop and you can use it when you need this in future.

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Capturing menu bar

Now another case is if you want to capture a screenshot of menu bar, go for the same combination that is “Command + Shift + 4”. You can have screenshot of menu bar by selecting the menu bar with crosshair selector or you can press the space button on your screen and with camera icon just click on the menu bar list.

These are like previous method, and you can use any of the previous method to have screenshot of menu bar. This time the captured screenshot is also saved on your desktop.   

If you are using mac with touch bar screen

Now if you are using a Mac book with touch bar screen, then you can capture the screen of your touch bar by pressing the command shift and 6 key combination. By pressing “Command + Shift + 4” key combination, you can have screenshot of your touch bar, and everything on the screen will be captured. This touch bar screenshot is also saved on the desktop screen of you Mac book.

All these combinations capture screenshots on your Mac. If you are on Mac OS Mojave, then you can get screenshot tools on your screen by pressing “Command + Shift + 5” keys together. With this combination, you get a tool on your screen to capture a screenshot on Mojave. In that tool you get a number of options like capture the entire screen, capture selected window, capture selected portion, and you can even record your entire screen by clicking on Record entire screen option as well as you can record the selected portion of your entire screen. For recording you just need to select your required tool and click on record, your video is started that you will get saved on your desktop screen. You can do this on latest Mac OS Mojave, or Catalina version of Mac operating System.

There are also some options on that tool like where you want to save you captured screenshot or recorded video. You can save them on desktop, document, Mail, Message, QuickTime player, and any other location of your choice. If you have used snap tool on windows there you have delay option so you can select timer to start your screenshot, similarly, you have timer option in this tool for choosing the time taken to start recording, and Mice option to capture the audio track for the video recorder.

Now if you are someone who forgets these key combinations easily, and cannot remember it then there is a tool inside your Mac Operating System which is called Preview. Just get into preview and click on cancel option. Now do not click anywhere on the desktop and go to the top menu list where you see file option. By clicking File, a dropdown menu shows up where you see the option of screenshot. Stress Symptoms, it’s Causes and Precautions?

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Click on that option and you can get the screenshot that you can have with that key combinations. The options are from selection, from windows, and from entire screen. Just click on these options and they exactly work like the key combinations do.

Now if you are on a Mac with touch bar, then you can take a screenshot by expanding the touch bar menu and then tapping on ‘camera’ icon. It will enable screenshot tool on you touch pad and on your screen as well.

Last but not the least is taking screenshot on your mac without saving it on your hard drive, and paste it into any document, photo editor. Basically it means taking a screenshot and copy it to clipboard without saving it on your device directly. To do so you need to press an additional key with the key combination of command, shift and 3 keys, that becomes “Ctrl + command + shift + 3”.  

Just to check it, press this combination and open any editor and paste there, you will get your screenshot in that editor. When you press this combination, your screenshot is copied to the clipboard. Similarly go for command shift 4 key combination with additional control key, it allows you to select portion on your screen and on releasing crosshair your selected region is copied to clipboard. This is all about this article about different methods of capturing screenshots on you Mac operating system.

Now let me tell you why screenshots? What is the importance of taking screenshots? Because without knowing the importance of anything, you do not give importance to that thing.

First of all, if screenshots were not that much important, why would Mac operating system provide so many screenshots options that we have discussed above.

What is the importance of capturing screenshots, and Where we can use them?

Screenshots capture what exactly you are having on your display, so you can share screenshots with others or reference them later. Capturing screenshots, saving them and sharing them with others can really be helpful. If you are work with a team and you want to show them the error you are getting while working on your desktop with a specific software or tool, you definitely need a screenshot of that error, so you can show it to others and get it fixed.

Similarly, if you have purchased a software or a tool and there is a bug while installing or running that software/tool, you again need a screenshot or bundle of screenshots of that error so you can send it to your service provider for checking. Additionally,  Traveling is Great to Learn New Things  Mac upper versions give you recording option as well, therefore you can record your screen for betterment of your daily workload. If you have a YouTube channel and you record videos on your device and upload them on your channel, Mac screenshot tool is a better option for you.


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