How to turn off Avast?
  1. First, open the main interface of avast and select settings
  2. In the pop-up box, select “Troubleshooting” in the left option bar, and remove the corresponding tick in front of each option in the area chosen by the red box in the figure
  3. When you remove the tick in the box, a lot of red prompts will appear, don’t worry about it, and then click “OK.”
  4. Then restart the computer, exit and close avast successful.

I want to know how to turn off avast?

  1. About AVAST! Simple introduction to use: 1. AVAST! If you want to exit all functions during use, right-click on the icon in A’s taskbar to stop automatic protection, and then AVAST! It has stopped working! At this time, there is a red forbidden style on the icon of small A, which means that all eight monitors have been arrested, but they will not be turned on when the computer is restarted next time. You need to click “Start automatic protection manually”.

Although this closed AVAST! , But there are some related services in the task manager, such as AVAST! To close them, you can right-click on “My Computer” and select “Services” and put AVAST in it! Turn off related services. If you don’t want them to start randomly, change the startup type of these services to the manual, and then use software such as Super Rabbit to turn AVAST! Remove the startup items, so AVAST! All services will not start randomly if you want to delete AVAST! You can use the avast special uninstall software (free) on the avast official website.

Maybe you want to use AVAST!

Come to anti-virus, usually do not open, use anti-virus when needed? AVAST! It is an anti-virus that has the advantage of defence (many viruses penetrate the bottom of the system, and it is easy to fail if you try to kill it again. Viruses are more antivirus than anti-virus. No antivirus can guarantee that any virus is deeply infecting the system. After that, it can be killed 100%), AVAST’s defence system is quite perfect! Its webpage protection is brilliant, which can filter viruses on web pages! Does not affect the opening speed of web pages.

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Be AVAST! When a specific website is scanned for a virus, it will prompt you to terminate the connection, but this does not mean that the website is closed by clicking “terminate connection”, but the link to the virus stream is removed! The website is still available, and it is safe and not poisoned. AVAST! The website has been filtered! This webpage virus automatic protection technology is among all antivirus software in the world, AVAST! Is the strongest.

Web viruses can break through AVAST.

The probability is 0. In people using computers, more than 90% of viruses are infected while browsing the web! 3. If you think AVAST! The false alarm is very annoying. You need to pause AVAST! The legal protection is enough! But it will bring risks to your computer. Standard security refers to local computer monitoring.

It is only responsible for monitoring whether your computer’s hard disk is poisonous and does not care whether the web page is toxic when you surf the Internet. Turn it off, the false alarm is gone, but if you insert your USB flash drive at this time, the USB flash drive contains a virus, it will immediately infect your computer.

Standard Protection of AVAST

When the legal protection is turned on, AVAST! The first step is to terminate the virus operation first, report to you that the virus is found, and ask you to delete it? This is very important. Although many anti-virus software will document the virus, your computer is infected when it reports it. However, if you think you can add another anti-software to make you feel at ease, such as Micro Dot and AVAST! Use together, turn off AVAST!

The legal protection will not be turned on in the future, and the micro-point monitoring will be used instead of AVAST! Standard protection, such a scheme is also feasible! About AVAST! The false positives are mainly for illegal registration machines or when the software contains advertisements. Strictly speaking, they are not qualified software that meets the writing specifications. Strict anti-software will report the virus.

According to the international production standards of the software, the software is not allowed to contain too many other advertisements. For example, the automatic pop-up news page of QQ is unqualified. A chat program should be just chatting. The program does not contain too many other messy programs.

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It isn’t easy to clean up when it is connected.

This is AVAST! The only flaw! But it is also a defect that many anti-software have! In this case, it is recommended to use Special Kill to restore your total EXE files before executing AVAST! Start the antivirus program.

AVAST elsewhere! A handy function called VRDB can back up all the EXE files on your computer. If they are infected completely, be AVAST! When you kill them, you don’t have to choose to delete them, but you can choose to repair them. At this time, the software will replace the previously backed up healthy EXE files and poisonous EXE files to repair your EXE.

Reset Assured AVAST

But please reset assured, AVAST! It is a defensive anti-virus, as long as you have software on your computer! Nu Skin is installed in the system. When it detects a virus, it must stop the virus from spreading for the first time and will not let the virus infect your system, lock the virus, and then quickly kill it!

About reducing software! Occupy system resources: Anti-software does not necessarily occupy a small amount of memory, so it not stuck in the machine because it also related to the CPU operation method, software! Occupy system resources are extremely small.

If your computer configuration is poor, think software! Very stuck with your CPU, you can be in software! In the automatic protection control, superior legal protection, select custom, select advanced, click the add button below, and write: *.zip*.rar*.7z*.iso Then, click OK. In this way, software! We won’t scan those compressed files such as RAR and ZIP.

Usually, by default, every time we open a folder, software! The standard protection function will scan the files for viruses if there are many compressed files, software! Scanning will take up many CPU operations, and a poorly configured machine may appear stuck. So remove the sweep.

  1. How to turn off avast’s behaviour protection

  2. Right-click on the small icon of software in the lower right corner.
  3. Then select “protection control”. 3. Then you can press  “Disable for 10 minutes”, “Disable for 1 hour”, “Disable until the computer restarts”, and “Permanently disable” according to your needs.
  4. After turning off the protection, you can see the main interface. Method two opens the leading interface software.

Select “Settings”. Select “Activity Protection” in the pop-up box.

Click the “Open” tab behind the protection option that needs to turn off. Then you can select the corresponding “Disable for 10 minutes”, “Disable for 1 hour”, “Disable until the computer restarts”, and “Permanently disable” according to your needs.

Click “OK” after selecting. After turning off the protection, you can see the main interface.

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