How to make rice water for hair?

You know, I’m always looking for new tips and hacks from the beautiful area for you. That’s how I found out that making homemade rice water is child’s play. I also researched the effect of miracle water on skin and hair. The insider tip to use rice water as a beautiful miracle cure has its origins in the Asian continent. So rice water not only provides for beautiful skin, but also for beautiful hair. The most sustainable way of making rice water is to simply make it yourself at home. The following article How to make rice water yourself for beautiful skin and hair tells you not only a simple DIY recipe but also the effect of rice water on skin and hair.

How can rice water be used?

Rice water is a real beauty miracle cure. In Asia it would be inconceivable to dump the rice water after the rice has been prepared. For Asian women, rice water has been a valuable liquid in beauty care for thousands of years. The water has a variety of effects, as well as well-tolerated ingredients. So rice water can be used not only for the skin – but also for hair care. It is even suitable as a drink to consume, so that valuable nutrients can be absorbed into your body directly from within.

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Rice water for beautiful skin

Rice water is mainly used in skin care to cleanse the face. The water is particularly suitable for skin cleansing in the morning, as it has a refreshing and invigorating effect. When cleaning in the evening, you should make sure that you clean your face properly first with other means. The reason for this is that rice water is less suitable for removing thick layers of make-up. However, you can use rice waterApply to cleanse your face with a cotton pad as a tonic. Thus, the skin is soothed before going to sleep, receives sufficient moisture and is at the same time supplied with valuable vitamins and minerals. These can best be absorbed, especially overnight, and can be absorbed during the nocturnal skin regeneration.

But what exactly does the use of rice water do?

Rice water contains minerals, folic acid and B vitamins.

With regular use , rice water refines the pores and gives even and radiant skin . The folic acid it cAs ontains has an anti-inflammatory effect and thus reduces pigment spots and impurities .

Rice water for beautiful hair

However, rice water is not only suitable for facial care. The application on the hair also works true beauty wonders. After all, long, thick and healthy hair is THE trademark of Asian women. The antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin E contained in rice water give the hair a beautiful shine and also make it strong and healthy.

For the perfect hair treatment, after washing your hair, give the rice water as a rinse over the hair and then rinse thoroughly.

Asian women even use rice water as a shampoo substitute. Regular use should not only stimulate hair growth but even prevent gray hair.

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Make rice water yourself for beautiful skin and hair

That’s how it’s done:

Making rice water yourself is actually easier than expected. Everyone can make the miracle water themselves with home remedies that are in every household. And so you can make rice water yourself for beautiful skin and hair. All you need is:

  • 1 cup of rice
  • water

Step 1: wash rice

So that the rice water is clean, you should wash the rice first. To do this, first, fill a cup with rice. You then put this rice in a knife cup and fill it with water until the rice is completely covered. Then stir the rice a few times. Finally, you pour off the water. The best way to do this is to use a kitchen sieve to catch the rice.

Step 2: Let the rice soak in the water

After the rice has been washed, put it back in the measuring cup. Then you cover the rice with twice the amount of water, i.e. with 2 cups. Stir the rice in the water and let it steep for 30 minutes.

Step 3: pour off cloudy water

When you have let the rice steep for half an hour, stir it again. The water should now be nice and cloudy and milky. Pour the water over a sieve and collect the water in a container. Et voilà, the rice water is ready. You can still use the rice as normal for cooking.

Alternatively, you can cook rice and keep the cooking water after the rice has been prepared and use it later.

Now you can use the rice water directly. However, it is often recommended to let the rice water ferment first. That means you let the water stand for another 2 days until it gets a sour smell. It can then be used for up to a further 9 days. I have to admit, however, that this sour smell can be a bit off-putting.

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