How to clean dryer vent?

To maintain a perfectly efficient dryer, it is advisable never to neglect the maintenance of filters and condensers  (present in models equipped with a heat pump). During the drying phase of the garments, the appliance emits hot air on the fabrics. If not perfectly clean, the filters could yield fluff and dusty residues to the fibers. To avoid this, it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning of the individual parts. In this article, we read about How to clean dryer vent?

The filter, generally positioned in the lower part of the appliance frame, can be extractable towards the outside or fixed to the housing using a system of springs to be pressed. The filter traps lint typically produced by clothing. Other residues can reach the second filter or the condenser. To avoid malfunctions, it is advisable to periodically remove the filter elements and clean them with a simple dry cloth or with a vacuum cleaner.

After removing the surface dirt, you can wash them under running water or immerse them in a basin of hot water with a few drops of neutral soap or dish soap. Subsequently, with a toothbrush, they scrub the sides of the filters very carefully to remove the most stubborn impurities. In the end, they must be rinsed with cold water and dried with a clean cloth, preferably in microfibre, so as not to leave lint.

When to clean the dryer vent?

Filter maintenance should generally be carried out every 5 or 6 programs to improve the dryer’s performance and reduce energy consumption. The second filter of the dryer precedes and protects the lamellar condenser. It is located at the base of the appliance, closed inside a panel, and removable using a handle. That allows it to be easily removed or some latches that anchor it to the housing.

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Once extracted, the filter must be carefully cleaned of all dirt residues. You can also proceed, in this case, with a vacuum cleaner, a brush with soft bristles, or with your hands. The filter is then passed under cold running water and air-dried before reassembly. The water tank also deserves special attention. It is usually located at the top right of the dryer or near the door.

The tray contents must be removed when the indicator indicates full at each cycle or according to the degree of humidity of the garments. To reduce cleaning operations, it is possible to opt for a direct connection to the drain. Even if it is not very pleasing to the eye. The best manufacturers of the appliance recommend removing the contents of the tray every five cycles.

In addition, once every six months, it is advisable to clean the tank with a solution consisting of half water and half white vinegar. This way, it will be possible to eliminate the limescale that inevitably settles in the tray in a short time.

Demineralized, it useful for the iron tank to fill the car windshield wiper tank. To rinse the hair after regular shampoo making it softer and shinier or even for humidifying the heaters. Thus avoiding dangerous formations. Of limestone.

How to proceed to clean the condenser

The dryer condenser is a pivotal element in the drying process. Placed in the lower part of the appliance, it produces hot air and promotes heat exchange. How to clean dryer vent?. Unlike the filters and the water tank, the piece an integral part of the heat pump; therefore, it practically can not remove. Welded to the circuit, its cleaning is not part of the routine maintenance operations.

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The user can conduct part of the cleaning directly, while highly competent and qualified technicians must carry out a second part. In most models, the lamellar condenser preceded by the second completely removable filter. It is not always possible to extract the condenser, so you have to proceed with a vacuum cleaner extension to reach it.


It is important not to touch the blades with your hands during this phase because they are very sharp. The particular maintenance operation must carried out entirely in safety. Therefore it necessary to proceed with the electric current disconnected. The innermost part, over the years, can also accumulate dirt and fluff, so for this procedure, it is good to rely on the competence and professionalism of specialized technicians.

The cleaning of some modern condensers provides for the removal of the piece. To eliminate impurities, simply wash them under cold running water and wait for complete drying before reassembly. Some appliances equipped with a convenient self-cleaning system condenser that uses condensation water. Extracted from the clothing every 10-12 washes to clean the element and remove any fluff and lint.

Typically, cleaning should done annually to improve the performance of the dryer and ensure a long life. However, it often forgotten, underestimated, or performed too superficially. If maintenance not carried out correctly and regularly, over time, there will a reduction in the appliance’s performance.

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