How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are species or flying pests no one wants in the house. The peskiest flying insects are harmful to the health and wellbeing of humans get Rid of Fruit Flies. They transmit germs, bacteria, and viruses from person to person and from one place to another.

First, it is crucial to understand where the fruit flies are coming from because it is the only way to get rid of them. The fruit flies usually come along with fruits, vegetables and they are more likely to be seen in your kitchen. They can increase in number rapidly because they can breed anywhere, from garbage bags to empty bottles.

To get rid of them, the first and most important thing you can do is keep your house, especially the kitchen, clean. Rinse the fruits and vegetables, keep them fresh and clean. Please do not leave them in your kitchen for the longest time.

Tips to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

It is possible to get rid of the fruit flies by applying some simple and effective home remedies. A little effort and more cleaning can help you get rid of fruit flies quickly from the house. Some simple tips and home remedies will help you in this respect.

1. Cut-Off their Source to Enter

To cut their source of the entrance, it is essential first to find the source of the entrance of the fruit flies. Most of the time, you may experience that you accidentally drop a drink or juice on your counter and forget to wipe it out. When you return, you will be welcomed with a surprise in the form of a bunch of fruit flies.

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Similarly, another potential source of the entrance of fruit flies is the fruits and vegetables. Especially fruits sitting in your kitchen for a long time have more chances to attract the flies.

So, what you can do is, keep your kitchen clean and get rid of rotten or left-over fruits and vegetables instantly. Removing such items from your kitchen will be a great help and stop the flies from entering your house.

2. Clean the Areas where they Spend Most of the Time

The next important thing to get rid of the fruit flies from the house is through proper cleaning. Cleaning can protect you from big trouble. Especially the areas that you observe the fruit flies in an enormous amount. Make use of surface cleaners to clean the kitchen counters and shelves. Keep the fruits clean and fresh. The better option is to put them in the refrigerator after thorough washing.

Make your kitchen free from trash and put the garbage out of the kitchen as soon as it starts gathering. Because the fruit flies can live and breed in the garbage as well. It will automatically increase the number of fruit flies in your home.


3. Trap The Fruit Flies Using Fruits 

As the fruits attract the fruit flies, why not use fruits to trap such flies and get rid permanently. This is a valuable tactic to get rid of the fruit flies. For this tactic, what you need to do is a disposable bag and some rotten fruits.

Place the disposable bag in a position with its mouth open and put the fruits in the bag. Place the bag in the area where you see a lot of flies. After some time, you will observe many fruit flies sticking to that fruit inside the bag.

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Carefully pick up and tie the bag without letting them escape. Throw that bag out, and you will get rid instantly.

4. Vinegar proves to be an Effective Remedy 

Vinegar contains potent properties that attract flies. Thus, it can become a great trick to trap fruit flies. Apple cider vinegar works the best in this respect.

Apple cider vinegar proves to be an effective ingredient to attract fruit flies. When Apple cider vinegar, mixed with other ingredients, it creates a firm mixture that instantly kills the gnats.

To make this mixture, add liquid wash and sugar in apple cider vinegar. Shake it well to dissolve all the contents. Spray it or place the liquid in a bowl in the areas where gnats stay frequently. The apple cider vinegar attracts them, and the liquid wash contributes to killing the gnats.

5. Make Use of Market-Based Products to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Pest controlling sprays and ready-to-use traps are effective in treating such flies. They contain chemicals that kill them instantly. However, such chemicals can be harsh or harmful to human health as well. But when used carefully, it provides the best results.

Similarly, the traps specially designed for the grants or the flies are best for the treatment as they catch the flies instantly and are more effective.

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