How to become a real estate agent?

1. Requirements for training as a real estate agent

1.1 Duties of a real estate agent

The tasks of the real estate agent are varied and responsible: he is the broker of land, apartments, houses, and commercial properties and establishes the connection between the provider and the seeker. He inspects the objects and describes them in an exposé. A real estate agent searches for prospective customers using advertisements in newspapers / Internet, advises potential customers, and arranges viewing appointments. He needs a wide range of knowledge about houses, apartments, and land. Furthermore, he should always be up to date with current prices on the housing market.

A real estate agent is a seller and a trustworthy advisor who can help his customers with all questions relating to real estate.

1.2 Which qualities as a real estate agent are essential?

  • Are you sociable and have a good understanding of people?
  • Do you have an open manner and enjoy dealing with people?
  • Have you been able to demonstrate your negotiating skills and your powers of persuasion more than once?
  • Do you have a feel for contractual situations, the necessary empathy, and calm?
  • Do you have a natural talent for sales?
  • Are you stress-resistant, willing to take risks, and have a high level of time commitment?

If you can answer all of these questions with “yes,” you have good prerequisites for a successful career start.

1.3 Legal basis for the profession of real estate agent

According to German law, every adult can practice the work of a real estate agent.

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He does not necessarily have to have completed an apprenticeship or have specific qualifications. To become an independent real estate agent, all you need formally is a police clearance certificate and an official permit by Section 34c of the Trade Regulations. The responsible district administration issues this. Legal restrictions only apply to people with tax debts, ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, or an entry in the debtor register.

When applying for an official permit by Section 34c of the Trade Regulations, the following evidence must be provided for verification:

  • Extract from the federal central register from the residents’ registration office
  • Excerpt from the significant trade register from the regulatory or trade office
  • Clearance certificate from the tax office
  • Proof from the local court that there is no Schufa entry and no bankruptcy proceedings

1.4 How do I become a real estate agent?

Real estate agent as a career changer

Since there is no classic real estate broker apprenticeship, career changers also have a good chance of successfully starting as a real estate agent. Of course, basic commercial and business knowledge are an advantage. The introductory course “Real Estate Agent (IHK)” is therefore beneficial. This further training is offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the respective cities. It is particularly well suited for people who understand real estate brokerage as professional development. These are, in particular, people

  • who want to acquire an additional qualification
  • who want to prepare for their professional independence
  • They are already active in the real estate industry, want to gain further qualifications and secure opportunities for advancement
  • who own real estate and want to market it professionally and manage it in a way that increases its value
  • who have completed an apprenticeship in the field of real estate management, banking, insurance

Career changers can also achieve this introductory course without commercial training. He concludes with a corresponding certificate as a “qualified real estate agent (IHK).”

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If you plan to start your own business as a real estate agent, it makes sense to complete an apprenticeship as a real estate agent, a distance learning course, or a comprehensive course. With the specialist knowledge you have gained, you can show your customers competent and qualified. This creates trust and customer loyalty, essential foundations for long-term success as a real estate agent.

2. An overview of training and further education opportunities

  • Apprenticeship as a real estate agent with an IHK degree
  • Distance learning course to become a certified real estate agent
  • Distance learning and additional qualification in real estate management (IHK)
  • Certificate courses for real estate brokers at private academies / the IHK

3. Career prospects

3.1 Labor market

The real estate profession has become a secure job with increased salaries in recent years. According to the Gdw, the Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies, prospective brokers have good prospects of making it far in the industry with the necessary know-how. Many real estate entrepreneurs are looking for new talent. The need for real estate agents is increasing due to the great demand for real estate, the low interest rates, and cheap loans. In summary, the real estate sector is a growing profession.

3.2 Salary

With a self-employed real estate agent, the salary depends on the level of his success rate. In a successful mediation, he receives a previously agreed commission, so-called broker courage. This is a maximum of two months’ rent for rented apartments and houses, plus 19% VAT. In the case of a sale, the brokerage fee is usually three to six percent of the sales value.

The top earners among real estate agents work in Hesse. Here, € 53,999 is achieved annually, with brokers earning € 55,112 and female brokers € 53,074. The lowest earnings are achieved in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Here it is an average of € 37,376. Men receive € 38,147 and women € 36,736.

The gender discrepancy arises from the fact that considerably more men are self-employed than women. There is no difference in the brokerage fee, so differences in salaries, which depend on the brokerage fee, should rarely be noticeable.

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