Difference Between Lamb And Sheep

Today I will discuss lambs and sheep. Baby sheep under one year are called lambs. They both are domestic stock animals to get wool, dairy products, and meat. Difference Between Lamb And Sheep. They sold at the same prices, but buyers prefer to pay more for lambs than sheep because their meat is super soft, tasty, moist, and delicious. Here are some differences between sheep and lambs.

Sheep and Lamb

General Characteristics

Sheep that are known today are the descendants of wild mouflons. These are the wooly domestic animals bred to get wool, food, and many other benefits. Female sheep are called ewes, and male sheep are called rams. Sheep have different weights according to their breed. A ram can gain 100 to 350 pounds weight and awes 100  to 250 pounds. A domestic sheep can live 10 to 12 years, and other sheep can survive 20 years. 

The sheep under one year are called lambs. They like to play 8 to 12 hours each day. Most of the time, Lamb likes to live on their mom’s side.  The average weight of a newborn lamb is 5 to 10 pounds which is equal to a human baby weight. 


Sheep products are handy for people like sheep and us because of their products. We get agricultural, textile, leather, meat, and milk products from them.  The sheepskin produces different types of wool, and these are used to make leather, book covers, blankets, jackets, shoes, tents, and sometimes used to make furniture. Now sheep wool blankets are available in every shop. The sheep which bred for meat have less wool and have goat-like hairs. So, the sheep have both wool and straight hair.

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The meat of sheep is called mutton which is very popular in Europe and the Middle east. The mutton is full of protein and fats, red has big grains and texture, and is delicious. 

Another healthy product of sheep milk used in many dairy products like cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and many other products.

The lamb products

The lamb products are more expensive than sheep products. When the lamb a few months older, their wool showed by them.  The lambswool is very soft, easy to wear, downy, and overall very useful and comfortable. It also called hypoallergenic and dustproof. Like wool, lamb leather is also very soft because of its soft skin.  People like to wear lamb leather rather than sheep lather. Lamb leather use to make jackets, coats, pants, and many other clothes. 

Lamb meat is known as mutton in the United States.  The mutton is very soft, delicious, tender, pink in color, delicate texture,  and has no fats and proteins. When the lamb was about a few months old, it slaughtered. 

The lambs don’t produce milk. They consume milk from ewe until it can become a ewe and start eating grass and plants. The lamb, after passing sexual maturation into an adult, called a ewe. After giving birth to a lamb or lambs, it starts giving milk.

Difference Between Lamb And Sheep

Comparison Basis Lamb  Sheep 
definition Lambs are young sheep under one year. Sheep are mature domestic animals like goats.
Meat  Lamb meat is softer, pinker, low fat, and delicious. Sheep meat is heavy, thick, red, has excellent gains, and is full of fat and protein. 
wool Lambskin is softer.  Tough wool can be itchy and irritate while wearing. 
Lather  Lamb leather use to make jackets, coats, pants, dresses, etc.  Sheep leather use to make book covers, leather accessories and sometimes used to make furniture.
Behavior Like to play 8 to 12 hours each day. I lay down and resting all day. 
Weight  5 to 10 pounds weight similar to human baby weight.  Ewes weigh 100 to 250 lbs, and ram weighs 100 to 350 lbs.
Milk  Not capable of producing milk.  Can produce milk after the birth of a lamb. 
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