Pale in comparison


Pale can define as a phenomenon in which a person is pale, or if their face pales, their skin turns out to be lighter because they are sick, Pale in comparison shaken, or worried. Some of its Word forms are paler, palest, pales, paling paled.


If something is pale, then it means that it is very light in color or almost white. For example: 

  • Traveling birds filled the pale sky.
  • As humans age, their skin becomes paler.

If a person looks pale, his face looks lighter in color than usual, generally because he is ill, terrified, or shocked. For example:

  • He looked pale and exhausted.

Synonyms of pale 

pale in comparison is the slightest connotative word, which suggests only an abnormal whiteness or dullness of the complexion, usually for some time. The word pallid represents the state of paleness resulting from tiredness, weakness, emotional strain, etc. Paleness can also be the result of an emaciating illness. Some sources define the grayish paleness of the skin just in case of death. However, if a living person becomes pale, it refers to a grayish-blue and or sometimes white complexion that can perceive as a sign of great rage or fear.

Some of the synonyms of pale in comparison are:

  • White in comparison
  • Pasty 
  • Looked bleached
  • washed-out   

Its opposite forms are ruddy or rosy comparisons.

Intransitive verb 

If one object pales in comparison with another, it is made to give the impression that it is much less important, serious, or suitable by it. foren a person you love has a deadly illness. Every other thing pales in comparison.

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Derived forms of pale in comparison 

Some derived forms of pale in comparison are:

  • Palely
  • Paleness

Where and when did the phrase “pale in comparison” invent?

To be “pale in comparison” is the expression to represent feeble, small, scanty, or lesser as compared to something or someone else. Pale makes sense to become or be more minor. Sometimes it also represents something insignificant. 

  • The phrase was firstly used in the mid-17th century and represented the general sense of a boundary. However, it is frequently used to refer more unambiguously to the English Pale in Ireland.
  • The boundary of the Ashdown Forest, which is famous as a royal hunting forest, was also known as the Pale. It consisted of a paled fence and a ditch inside to permit deer to jump in but not back out.

How to use Pale-in-comparison in sentences?

Some of the common examples to use pale in comparison in sentences give below: 

If someone is using anything too light on their face, they will look pale compared to the rest of your body.

  • In a realm where most developments pale compared to their prototypes, the Sims 2 crushes its precursor into its hardwood flooring.
  • Basic bands can acquire for $20, whereas classier bands are expensive but still pale compared to the prices linked with purchasing weights and other similar workout equipment.
  • For some girls, their bat mitzvah get-togethers will only pale in comparison to their wedding parties.

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