Difference Between Heat And Temperature

People always talk about heat and temperature. These are interrelated but are different from each other. Here we talk about the difference between heat and temperature.

Comparison Basis Heat Temperature
Definition Heat is the amount of energy present in a body. Temperature is the measure of heat or cold of a body.
Units joules Celsius, Fahrenheit, and kelvin
measures It can be measured by the total kinetic energy and potential energy molecules present in a body. It is an average of kinetic energy molecules present in a body.
device calorimeter thermometer
Working Ability It can do work. This can’t do work. It can only measure the heat.
Symbol  Symbols used for heat is Q. Symbol used for temperature is T.
Property  It moves from a hotter body to a cooler. It rises when it is heated and drops after cooling. 

What is heat?

Heat is the amount of total energy present in an object. The heat is raised or low by the movement of molecules of atoms, ions, and molecules in the body. The movement of molecules always creates heat. We know gas, liquid, and solid have molecules, atoms, and ions, and when these molecules move, the object’s temperature rises. Heat is the total amount of energy consisting of kinetic energy and potential energy. The heat molecules travel from one object to object by the change in temperature.

Difference Between Heat And Temperature

Heat always flows from hotter to more relaxed. For example, when we touch the hot stove, we feel hot because the thermal energy of heat passes through our body, and when we touch the ice, we feel relaxed because the thermal energy of our body passes into the ice.  The measurement of heat energy can be done by joules, calorie meters, and relative devices. Heat can be emitted by radiation.

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What is Temperature?

Temperature is the measure of heat molecules present in an object. Temperature is the average of kinetic energy present in the body. When the heat in an object rises, the temperature rises because it is directly proportional to heat. A thermometer can measure it. The lowest value of temperature is absolute zero, which means no more heat is exerted. Temperature increases with the kinetic molecules of the body. It does not affect by size and type of body.  The thermometer is the instrument to measure the temperature.

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