Difference between lake and pond

Lake and pond both are different from each other. In this article, we discussed the different features of lakes and ponds, like what is the pond? What is the lake? How is the lake different from the pond? Many people confuse about it; they can’t describe the difference between pond and lake easily.

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What is the lake? Difference between lake and pond

Lake is a water body enclosed by land; it consists of fresh moving or standing water, or a small stream of running water call a lake.

Types of Lakes

There are almost 12 various types of lakes. They are all based on how they create. 

  • Meteorite lakes.

  These Lakes are also called annular lakes. Which are created by the internal recession of the lake that occurred by the effect of a meteor.

  • Tectonic lakes.

These lakes create as a result of deformation and the perpendicular motion of the earth.

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  • Volcanic lakes.

It is formed due to volcanic action.

Glacial lakes. 

These lakes form when the glacier is destroyed and melts

  • Fluvial lakes.

These lakes create due to a result of running water.

  • Landslide lakes.

Volcanic eruptions and rockfall form these lakes.

  • Aeolian lakes. 

These lakes are also called dune lakes; the blowing of the wind creates these lakes.

Shoreline lakes.

These lakes are also called bar barrier lakes which are formed by longshore drift.

  • Anthropogenic lakes.
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These lakes create artificially by humans.

  • Solution lakes.

These lakes form by the subsurface residue of soluble rocks melted in water. 

  • Crique lakes.

These lakes create by ice, and it indicates the head of the glacier.

  • Organic lakes.

These lakes are very rare; the activity of flora forms them. 

What is the pond? 

The inland body of standing water, either natural or artificial, call a pond. It is comparatively smaller than a lake.

Types of ponds Difference between lake and pond

There are two different types of ponds.

  •         Permanent ponds
  •         Temporary ponds

Permanent ponds

In permanent ponds, the water is always present throughout the year.

Temporary ponds 

In these types of ponds, water is not available throughout the year. These are seasonal in some seasons. They have water in them and dry in the other seasons. There are three types of temporary ponds:

1-Spring ponds: 

In these types of ponds, the water is only available in the spring season.

2-Autumn ponds: 

These types of ponds dry during summer and have water in autumn.

3-summer ponds:

Water is present throughout the year in these ponds, but during the winter season, ice stores inside the ground.

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Main differences between the pond and the lake

1-The lakes consist of a larger region than ponds.

2.The depth of lakes is more than ponds.

3- In the lakes, the aquatic life and plants are less than ponds.

4-The temperature of ponds is always the same in all layers, while in the lakes, the temperature change from one layer to the other.

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5- Lakes usually made naturally. while ponds are artificial.


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