Trip To Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is also its largest city and the fifth most populated city in the entire Australian continent. Trip to Adelaide is famous for its museums that host a number of exotic and indigenous art collections, as well as for its scenic beauty.

Tourism or trip to Adelaide is also a popular one, with over 2.9 million visitors to the city in the year ending June 2020. If you’re visiting here for the first time, here are six must-visit sites for you on Trip To Adelaide!

1. Adelaide Zoo

This zoo is the second oldest in Australia and has much more than just lovely animals. The main aim of the Adelaide Zoo authorities is to save certain species of animals from getting extinct and to bridge the gap between nature and humans.

It houses more than 3000 breathtaking species of different animals, birds, reptiles, and fishes. You can even see glimpses of indigenous species like the African Lion, Capybara, and the Rhino Iguana here. For the kids, there are fun animal shows and night walking tours.

2. Adelaide Central Market

This market is a hub of mouthwatering gourmet dishes and is bustling with life and happiness. Established nearly 145 years ago, the Adelaide Central Market is one of the most popular tourists spots in Australia.

The market accommodates more than 80 traders who sell anything and everything under the sun. Starting from Tuesdays and lasting till Saturdays, the market is filled with the aroma of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, gourmet cheese, and bakery dishes.

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If you’re a cooking enthusiast, you can even catch a cooking show or two here!

3. Hindley Street

Hindley Street, named after the British politician Charles Hindley, had gained a reputation for being a red-light district in Adelaide.

It had a series of Adelaide escorts and sex workers, as well as a number of bars and pubs all lined up along the strip. But in the 21st Century, this place has reformed into a completely new area.

Dubbed the West End, it now has a number of business shops and other notable buildings like the Samstag Museum of Art and Lion Arts Center. During the daytime, you can visit here to experience the street’s rich history and culture, dating back to the 1800s.

4. Mt Lofty Botanic Garden

Mt Lofty Botanic Garden is one of the most beautiful places for scenic beauty in Adelaide. With a whopping 97 acres area, this garden has something new to offer at every step.

Not only are the trees, shrubs, and lakes beautiful here, they also serve as sources of inspiration for artists and poets. Many of these artists and sculptors have showcased their works here for the public to see and experience.

Due to its immensely diverse flora, the garden is lit up in a huge range of colours in spring. In winter, it becomes covered in white mist and fog. Even if you’re not a fan of winters, the vast whiteness will surely leave you in wonder.

5. South Australian Museum

If you wish to know more about the Australian Aboriginal culture, the South Australian Museum is a must.

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Known for its world-class collection of artefacts and remains, this museum has more than 3000 artefacts on display. There is a special biodiversity gallery that focuses on the rich land and marine flora and fauna present in Southern Australia.

Other than this, there are also various other galleries that educate the visitors on Pacific cultures, Fossils, Megafauna, Ancient Egypt, and Mawson. Frequent government programs and summer camps are also held here for children.

6. Sky City

Casino lover? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Sky City in Adelaide is a huge casino located in the heritage railway station building.

Famous for its elegant and beautiful architecture, Sky City is filled with the life and laughter of people winning different casino games. From roulette to blackjack, this palace has everything. It also has many rooftop bars and clubs for the patrons to enjoy.

The highlight is Madame Sanoi and Sean’s kitchen- two very famous restaurants where you can experience first-class food with a beautiful view of Adelaide.

Over to you…

If you’re planning to visit Adelaide anytime soon, don’t forget to check out these exotic places and get a slice of the Adelaide lifestyle. Make sure to book these places in advance to enjoy them even better!


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