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Like many things we invest in, we buy those that offer us the best and long-term warranty. In Canada, if you buy a warranty from Warranty World, you also get a deal with Canadian auto warranty. As you start dealing with them you will find out a long list of things that this company will offer you. In this list, they will give you details of what plans you will get under an extended car warranty. They have two warranty plans from which you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Following are the two programs:

  • Extended Plan. This is the best warranty plans for those kinds of cars that are under manufacturing warranty. This plan also will give these cars extra coverage and coverage for convenience is also part of this plan. If the MFG warranty has not given you something then this plan will cover that too. It will also provide premium and powertrain protection to your car if it is not a warranty by M.F.G.
  • Wrap Plan. Even though in a few aspects, it’s similar to the Extended plan, but in comparison, it offers a lot of variation to the car owners when it comes to the mechanical component.

 Ensure all:

In the extended car warranty in Canada, they offer up to 60% savings. Aside from the prices they offer for the dealership they also offer these three plans for you to choose from.

These are the three plans the offers to you for your car dealerships.

  1. Emissions
  2. Airbags Electronic
  3. Navigation
  4. Entertainment
  5. Phone
  • Power Train Plus

This package warranty is limited; it only covers the following

  1. Powertrain
  2. Seals& Gasket
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Electronics
  • A-Protect warranty corporations
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Extended car warranty Canada has gone one step further with A- Protect warranty cooperation’s because they develop warranty plans which are as follows.

 Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

  • Silver+
  • Gold+
  • Platinum+
  • Premium
  • Luxury
  • Luxury+

The most used plan is Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum which covers the powertrain, encompasses engine, transaxle/ differential. It also includes towing/ trip interruption. For those who want everything covered, then for them, Luxury+ is the best plan, but remember this plan also excludes a few things.

  • 4. Lubrico warranty.

They also offer many plans including few additional plans to cover specific items.

These plans include:

  1. Limited Powertrain
  2. Powertrain Value
  3. Limited Superior.
  4. Powertrain
  5. Essential 8 Protection
  6. Superior
  7. Top Up

The other additional options are

  • Air Conditioning
  •  Seals& Gasket
  • Extra Coverage
  •  Increased Claim Limits
  • Power Equipment
  • Car Rental
  • Auto Guard Advantage

They make sure that all your requirements for your car warranty are fulfilled and you won’t feel that something is missing in these plans.

As far as insurers are concerned, they have unique plans for that too which are as follows:

  • Advanced Coverage.
  • Powertrain One
  • Primary Max
  • Promotional Plus.
  • Economy Max
  • Primary
  • Promotion
  • Economy

As you can see, there are many plans available for you; all you have to do is evaluate which plans will fit under your requirement before making your final decision. It will be great to get the best available package out there, and then you have fewer things to pay for.

Global Warranty

This company provides available warranty deals to both Canada and U.S.A, for Canadian these warranty packages are available.

  • Powertrain Drive
  • Advantage Drive
  • Maximum Drive
  • Ultimate Drive
  • Ultimate Wrap

In a way, it’s a great way to promote this company’s warranty and cover 1,000,000 km.

Nationwide Warranty

They committed to give their customers different kinds of services packages, which are as follows.

  • Limited Powertrain Protection
  • Powertrain Protection
  • Premium Protection
  • Top Up Warranty

Apart from these packages, this company provides protection services deals too; for example, Gap protection and theft protection are two names of their many protection services deals.

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Umbrella Warranty

This may sound unconventional package because it doesn’t offer much like others, but what this package deals offer is not something you can easily find in other well-known packages. These offers are as follows.

  • Bronze Package
  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package
  • Platinum Package

Coverage One

Coverage one is a budget-friendly package that is explicitly designed to cover all needs of customers while maintaining their budget. Offers from this package are as follows.

  • Ultimate
  • Pinnacle
  • Sentinel
  • Guardian
  • Eliminator

Eliminator is the best choice to cover all your primary coverage, and if you want a complete protective package then Ultimate is the best option for you.

People Choice Warranty

Recommended by OMVIC, this vehicle warranty also gave many extended warranty packages that are.

  • Platinum
  • Top Up
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Coverage

The bronze package is enough to fulfill all customer’s requirements, but they can add other services in it too so they can customize their services package. If they don’t require anything then there is also the option to opt those services out from their packages, and this way they are only paying for what they need.

Shopping For Vehicle Warranty

There are many Warranty services out there that can offer you all kinds of deals on services packages. The extended car warranty for Canada is the best warranty service provider for Canadian cars. It provides great deals in both insurance and warranty packages to deal with their customers that they can easily fit in their budgets. Still, customers need to do thorough market research and price comparison before they get any kind of warranty package for their vehicle. Make sure that apart from the prize your chosen warranty package is highly credible.

For confirmation about which warranty company is truly the best service providers, you can research the Better Business Bureau. Study their forum and various reviews online. Also, check out OMVIC to get information on these companies’ reputation on customer warranty services.

Finally, once you choose the company that interest you most check out their packages and compare them with each other and the ones you research from other companies and if you decide on the bundle make sure it has all services and additional services that you need in the cost that fits under your budget.


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