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If you own a Jeep and think of upgrading or replacing parts, then Mopar® Canada is the right option for you. There are many parts manufacturers available in the market these days. However, Mopar® Canada has differentiated itself from others by offering high-quality vehicle repairing services through company-trained and certified technicians and genuine motor parts. Whether you go shopping or to watch movies or to do groceries or to work or anywhere you want to, Mopar® Canada will always support you through its warranties.

Why choose the Mopar® Canada Vehicle Protection service only?

The parts and work are backed by Mopar Canada protection plans. It is the only company that is backed by FCA Canada Inc. and many other motor manufacturers as well. Let’s explore the options that make Mopar® Canada unique from others;

  • Easy availability: The warranties accompany parts purchased on The parts are adjusted for different manufacturers such as FIAT® or Ram, Jeep®, Dodge® and Chrysler dealerships throughout North America. However, many independent repair facilities have also been authorized to provide the repair services under the authorization of Mopar® Canada under certain conditions.
  • Skillful experts: It has been 35 years that Mopar® Canada hires only company-trained and certified technicians. These bona fide experts don’t miss any details and quickly come up with repairing solutions by using their knowledge and ultimate skills.
  • Genuine Parts: Unlike other companies, Mopar® Canada promises to fix only genuine motor parts that are built and designed following the specifications laid by FCA. It understands that using sub-standard duplicates can decrease the utility of vehicles and specifically, can put the life of a driver in danger. Thus, Mopar® Canada not only takes care of your vehicle but of your life as well.
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What and when Mopar® Canada Vehicle Protection Plans can be purchased?

There are three types of vehicle protection plans that have been categorized as per the purchase of the vehicle and its mileage, i.e., new vehicle plan, pre-owned vehicle plan, and quality pre-owned vehicle plan. These plans are designed by summing the time of the purchase of the vehicle and the mileages drive since then. Let’s have a look at what these plans are;

The first type is “New vehicle plan”. This plan is issued until four years from the original purchase date of the vehicle and 80,000 kilometers driven since the delivery date. Surcharges may also be applied under certain conditions.

The second category is Pre-owned plans which are issued when vehicles ages up to 6 years and mileage increase to 180,000 kilometers from the time of delivery of the vehicle. These plans are easily available on FIAT® or Ram, Jeep®, Dodge®, and Chrysler dealerships.

The third category is called Quality Pre-owned plans that are issued anytime within eight years of vehicle and mileage of 200,000 kilometers from the delivery date of the vehicle.

When applied for the plan, a team of experts visits to inspect the vehicle to decide whether the vehicle is eligible for coverage or not.


Thus, vehicle protection plans by Mopar® Canada are nothing but an ultimate source of peace of mind. Why not buy them when you are relieved to know that your car will be in the safe hands of an expert and skilled technicians who have been trained exclusively by well-known motor companies?

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What a relief Mopar® Canada provides by fixing genuine parts and does not cheat by fixing low-quality parts just to surplus its profits. What easy access it is giving through and other authorized dealers. So, don’t let your adventurous self stop you from hitting the road and discovering the world and buy the ultimate Mopar® Canada warranties to be worry-free.


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