Top 10 Prank Call Apps

Hack Prank

Ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a real hacker?

Well now you can, Hack Prank enables you to hack a friend’s phone by customizing your own message to fill their hacked screen. After you have set the timer, your message will pop up on their phone, even if the user is on another application. 

This app also looks very realistic thanks to its design which is similar to a command prompt.

Ownage Pranks

This pranks app has over 100 different pre-recordings which can be used for phone call pranks. These prank scripts are written and voiced by professionals ensuring each has a unique scenario which is as funny as the next.

Some of these include ‘Naughty Phone Survey’ and ‘You Killed My Cat’. With new ones added daily, Ownage Pranks never runs out of hilarious new material.

These will fool even the most skeptical individuals as it’s built-in speech recognition technology can anticipate responses and potential pauses being made during a conversation.


Prankster is another top pre-recording app that guarantees quality entertainment.

From over 200+ pre-recorded scenarios, choose the desired prank script, select the number you want to prank and then press call.

Popular scenarios include ‘Look behind you’, ‘Call After Car Hit Accident’, ‘Calling My Girlfriend Is Not Advised’ and many more.

The prankster also offers prank scripts in different languages.

Prank Call Panda

Prank Call Panda offers an excellent soundboard with different prank responses, voiced by talented US and UK comedians.

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What makes this unique is that you can pick and choose different scenarios from the soundboard during the call. So you can be as creative as you want. 

Phone calls are then recorded to be shared with friends or online.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

Among the most distinctive apps in our recommendations, this lets you fake your location, so people won’t be able to find you.

You can also pick any location on the planet, making it the ultimate prank tool to trick someone regarding your whereabouts.

Once you disable your location positioning on your smartphone, it will overwrite your current proximity and change your location. Simply choose the place you want to pretend to be and press play.

Fake Me A Call

Stuck in a meeting that won’t end or that school reunion you instantly regretted attending? Fake Me A Call lets you trick friends by receiving a fake incoming call giving you an excuse to leave.

Choose a custom fake call voice to talk too during the call, animated answers and decline sliders are also included making it more natural.

The pro version has additional features such as programming time interval buttons for fake calls along with customized time intervals. Incoming calls can also be blocked during the fake call.

Bluff My Call

In our view, Bluff My Call is an app that should be considered a staple for pranksters who regularly enjoy prank calling. 

Known for its basic design and simplicity. This call spoofer allows you to change your caller ID to any fake number of your choosing.

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Any number can be used, meaning you can fool someone into believing it was a friend or relative who rang. This is because the number you used may also exist as one of their phone contacts. Thus appearing on their phone when the call is made. 

Fake Caller ID

Fake Caller ID continues to be among the most popular prank call apps with over 2 million downloads. 

This app lets you schedule bogus incoming calls. And has a spoof caller ID function which allows you to change your number to any number you want. 

There is also a voice changer option so you can change your voice to a man or a woman. Calls recorded can then be shared with friends and family. 

Fake Video Tool- FakeTime for Messenger

Similar to a fake calling app, the Fake Video tool allows you to schedule a fake calling video instead.

The call can show eight prank videos that will imitate a real video call. These prank videos include the following, Santa video call, Horror video call prank, Handsome guy saying hi and many more. 

Once you answer the call using the front or rear camera. Your chosen simulated fake video will appear, with a fake caller ID. 

It’s a great way to trick friends into thinking you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend as simulated video calls are unsuspecting. 

Funcalls- Best Voice Changer & Call Recording

This voice changing app lets you change your voice in real-time when making a call. 

There are many voices to choose from. If you want a high pitched sound, choose ‘Helium balloon’, and ‘Funny sound’. Conversely, for a lower voice go for ‘Man sound’ and ‘Scary sound’.

Test and find out exactly how you sound by running a demo, allowing for trial and error. 

You can also add background effects such as Cat meows, a dark barking, a boom, a fart. And many other crazy sounds.


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