The largest airports in England

What is the main feature of English airports?

The United Kingdom is an island state; so it’s pretty natural that most tourists from foreign countries have to reach England by air. It’s not a coincidence that most English airports are built to host many fights and thousands of tourists on a daily basis. When speaking about the main features of local airports. It should be stated that the country’s busiest airports are located in London. Only Manchester airport capable of competing with them in terms of passenger traffic. By the way, Manchester airport arrivals and departures boards are the third busiest not only in England but in the entire UK.

The list of the busiest English airports and info about their online flights’ dashboard

Famous Heathrow Airport is considered the symbol of British aviation. It is used by more than 80 airlines to reach up to 185 destinations in as much as 84 countries. It is the central hub of British Airways and for many other popular airlines. In 2018, the passenger traffic in the airport exceeded 80 million with more than 477,600 hosted here.

Given the fact that with 4 terminals Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world. And the largest one in Europe, its online board is accessible online from different aviation websites.

Although Gatwick Airport is considered the second largest in the UK. It is not even close enough to Heathrow which has considerably larger passenger traffic. In 2018, Gatwick had slightly more than 46 million passengers. Which was not that much compared to Heathrow but still a very impressive result.

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That allowed it to become the ninth-busiest European airport in terms of total passenger traffic. It is worth mentioning that the airport has two huge terminals (the North and the South ones). Both can host up to 4 million tourists monthly with its single runway. Surely, its arrivals and departures boards are accessible online.

largest airports in England

The Busiest Airport in England

Manchester airport is one of the busiest and largest airports in England of those that are not serving London. In 2018, this airport had almost 28,293,000 passengers, so it appeared to be the UK’s third busiest airport. It has 3 large passenger terminals and the cargo terminal as well. Located in the country’s second-most populous urban area; Manchester connects the central part of the UK with the rest of the world.

Despite the fact that the total number of aircraft movements here declined by 0,7% to 283,919. This airport is still expected to grow the total number of hosted aircraft annually in the years to come. Therefore, it’s quite obvious that its online flights’ dashboard can be easily found on the Web too.

The fourth airport on the list is again from London. Stansted almost managed to host 28 million passengers in 2018; while only in 2017 it had less than 26 million passengers. This considerable growth can be explained by the fact that Stansted is a favorite location for low-cost airlines. Including Ryanair that offers more than 130 destinations to its clients.

Although the airport is located relatively far from Central London. It is still very popular with tourists who want to get to the British capital without spending too much on the flight ticket. Surely, visitors can also quickly find their online flight board on the Web.

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