Japan, or known as the “Land of The Rising Sun.” This country is so attractive in so many aspects. Aside from the fact that they are a first world country where everything is advanced, you will also be interested in their culture. Japan is a very well-loved country based on the experience of its tourists. Japanese people preserve their tradition that even though they are so progressive nowadays, their temples and other historical places are visible.


If you want to visit this country, you need to do a lot of research first about japan’s facts to make you even more excited. And when you know and experience it, you might want to live there just like the other people do. And that’s why the number of foreigners who are living there is increasing in numbers rapidly.

A Brief Facts That You Should Know

There are a lot of Japan facts that you need to know if you ever want to visit the country. It has a population of approximately 126,150,000 recorded as of 2019 that ranks them 11th country in community. Japan has an area of 375,000 square kilometers and has 6,852 islands. It has eight regions, but Hokkaido, Kanto, Chubu, and Kyushu are famous. Tokyo belongs to the Kanto region. Knowing these regions is just one of the Japan facts you need to know.


The legal age in some countries is when you reach 18 years old, but unless you reach the age of 20, you are permitted to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. They consume a lot of coffee that ranks them 4th in the world. One of the exciting parts of why this is people’s dream destination is the convenience stores. It can be seen anywhere that makes it so accessible why Japanese don’t usually make their breakfast. They prefer to buy one because they are always in a hurry.

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They shout “banzai,” meaning “hurray” in the present culture of japan. But historically, it was addressing “long live the king.” But nowadays, they express it when they are excited or accomplished something and are proud of it. They have a word called “omotenashi,”   How to Download Twitter Videos? which means hospitality, and this hospitality has been cultivated from the past.


They have three different bows, which are also part of their culture. A 15 degree or slight bow use in everyday greetings, 30 degrees or polite bow use informal greetings or welcoming the customer or receiving payment from the customer, and 45 degree or respectful bow when you sincerely apologize for something or greet a high-rank person. They use chopsticks to eat. In fact, in a year, they used approximately 25 billion pairs of it. 


Japanese taxis are unique since the doors automatically close. So when you ride and go out of the cab, you should not shut it on your own. There are kinds of kimonos suitable for an event like when you attend a wedding it’s a different one. Make sure you wear the right one depending on what event you will go to. When visiting a house, before you go inside, you should take off your shoes.

Beautiful Places

When we talk about this country, you would probably think about castles and temples. Almost all prefectures in japan have courts, and the most famous one is Osaka Castle. It has a different view in each season, but the best of all is during spring when the cherry blossoms bloom. Near Osaka, Kyoto is the former capital city with a lot of preserved castles and temples. There is a temple there that is called kinkakuji. This temple is covered with gold.

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There is a place where people and deers lived together like in one community? A place where deers walk freely anywhere without fear of people around them. It is a national treasure for them, believing the gods send them as a messenger. There are also a lot of old Shinto shrines in Japan. How to Download from SoundCloud And one of them is an eighteen-century ancient Ikuta shrine. There are also many Buddhist temples there, especially during New Year’s Eve; they make noise and ring the bells for spiritual cleansing.

Historical Facts

Japan Has an Imperial Family and continues for at least 2000 years in counting. It is passed through generations with the same blood. And mostly, the boy takes the highest position. You may have heard about “geisha.” What comes to our mind is a girl. But do you know in the past, around the 1730s, they were men? But it was taken over by girls around the 1780s. And there some other places wear this costume geisha looks in the past.  1 Pit Stop Laptops


There is one thing in Japan that makes it difficult when you go there. It’s the language barrier. Most of the Japanese don’t speak English well since they stick to their language. But, if you plan on staying there for a long time, you need to learn their language too. Don’t worry, Japanese people are friendly, and it will not be difficult for you to travel there.


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