How To Start Running

8 Very Important Tips For Those Who Want To Start Running 

Ok, you have decided to improve your fitness, and you want to start running. Before you tie your shoes and go, read these eight tips from our running expert Sascha Wingenfeld.

1.  Start With Short Intervals: How To Start Running

Instead of running a long-distance all at once, divide it into short intervals. In between breaks, you can walk to recover, and over time you can lengthen the sections you run on and reduce those you walk. Start with 2 minutes of jogging and 2 minutes of walking, Best food containers, and increase your running intervals by one minute each time until you can run the total distance without taking breaks.

Advice: “Run the first sessions at a natural pace and without too many expectations. Otherwise, it will be easy to lose motivation immediately”.

2.  Don’t Start Too Fast

The body needs time to get used to the stress and strain of running. Many beginners start running too fast and pay the consequences immediately: frustration, fatigue, pain, and, in the worst cases, injuries. During your first workout, you are run at an average pace where you can have a conversation. Even when you are about to give up, you should try to keep the speed down. If the body gets used to it gradually, the results will be more lasting.

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3.  Give Your Body Time To Recover 

Did your first run go well, and do you want to go out for another one? Very well! But it would help if you waited a day before doing another workout because the body needs to rest and train the cardiovascular system and prepare the muscles and bones for the next run. Plan your activities so that one day you run and the next you rest. With this simple rule, injuries avoid.

4.  Run Easy And Take Small Steps: How To Start Running

Especially initially, it is normal not to have a developed running technique, and a lot of energy is wasted making wrong movements. The trick is to run relaxed and with minimal effort. Simple, short strides are much more efficient than long strides that break and slow down your run.  

5.  Choose Where To Run

The surface where you run is also critical, and most of the time, the best thing is to make a mix:

  • On asphalt: it is ideal for fast runs, and there is little chance of getting a crooked foot and falling. However, it can be heavy on the joints because the asphalt does not cushion the step (when returning). For this reason, running on asphalt is more suitable for those with good preparation.
  • In the park: the ground is soft, ideal when the impact on the floor occurs. However, because of the stones or roots that may be there, you are more likely to fall and get hurt.
  •  The sand is a good workout for the muscles, but you have to be careful not to strain the calves too much.
  • On the tartan (an athletics track, for example): the surface is relatively elastic, but the Achilles heel could suffer.
  • On the treadmill: it allows you to train at any time of the year but changes your running shape due to the carpet that runs under your feet.
  • Choosing the best treadmill running shoes is essential to optimize your performance and comfort during indoor workouts.
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6.  Don’t Be Put Off By The Pain In Your Side

This is a typical pain that occurs while running. The advice is not to eat anything solid in the two hours before the race and drink in small quantities. If the pain in your side does not subside, take a break and walk with calm breathing. You can also press your hand on the part that hurts, best running shoes but doesn’t resume running if the pain has not entirely gone away.

7.  Take Care Of Your Body: How To Start Running

Running is a total body workout, and the part most involved in the movements is the core, the central part of our body. Then the arms, with their swing, determine the lower body’s signals, including step length and cadence. Therefore, to run well, you need robust and healthy lunch ideas and a stable core, and in general, a substantial body helps improve performance and avoid injuries.

8.  Do The Cross Training: How To Start Running

Your body likes variety and doing different types of sports reduces the stresses caused by running. It also keeps boredom at bay.


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