How much weight can you lose in a month

The goal of most diets is to lose the extra pounds that we have accumulated, perhaps due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, when embarking on a slimming dietary path, How much weight can you lose in a month we often ask ourselves how many kilos we will be able to lose in a month or even more in the long term?

Diet: How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Month?

First of all, you must not hurry to achieve this result, because losing weight is an important goal that requires time and method. In this breast, it is important to follow the steps by a specialist, a nutritionist, or a dietician, who will be able to offer you the most suitable diet to your needs. First of all, we must be wary of diets that promise a lot but keep little, that is, impossible diets or trendy ones. For example, suppose you come across a diet that promises you to lose weight up to 10 kilos a month.

In that case, you are faced with setting a slimming program that does not respect our body: probably results of this type can be obtained in the short term by drastically reducing calories, but these extra pounds are regained very easily. Hence, there is no effective and lasting weight loss over time. Also, when you lose weight quickly, lose the lean mass or the muscles that help us burn calories, and you will have a slowing down of the metabolism and, therefore, recover the lost weight in a short time. In short, this is an unrealistic goal that could also have consequences for health.

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Diet useful for weight loss

In reality, not being able to do anything but a general discourse. If we take as a reference a subject with body size. Within the limits of the norm. One can lose in a month between 4 and 5 kilos. And this would already be a very brilliant result. Considering that generally in a month does not go beyond 2 kilos. How to use google drive It might seem a little at first glance. But in reality. It is not so. And indeed this is the way to go. According to experts. For weightless virtuous and lasting. Do you think that losing a kilo means losing 3500 calories?

But how do you calculate your calorie needs to set up a diet useful for weight loss? There are apps available online, but the best thing to do is to contact a professional who will consider the various factors to be taken into consideration, such as age, gender, lifestyle, physical characteristics.

But what are the conditions for losing at least two kilos in a month? In addition to decreasing the daily calorie intake, to achieve results, it is also necessary to associate physical activity with the diet because moving is essential to burn calories. To summarize, to achieve this goal in a month, we must eat a little less without ever skipping meals and moving a little more. In this way, we can reach the desired weight.

Lose weight in a month: practical tips

The scale should not become an obsession because it measures the weight change, but it does not tell us anything about body composition. In addition to this, weighing yourself always harms also on a psychological level. Without noticing signs of progress, it could generate anxiety and frustration and therefore spike the stress hormones that you will try to compensate with comfort foods with consequent weight gain. Generally, a woman’s caloric needs, while considering various factors, Plant based protein powder should not fall below 1200 calories per day. If you go below this level. Your body will slow down your metabolism. And therefore it will be more difficult to lose weight.

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It is important to drink enough to maintain a good level of hydration. Weight and physical activity should be taken into account. Generally, during the day, you should drink around 2 liters a day.

Even exaggerating with training is counterproductive because of the muscles. After physical activity. Need to recover,r and to do so. They must rest. Lack of the necessary rest puts hunger hormones into circulation, which will then make your appetite soar.

Do not eliminate carbohydrates from the diet or. In any case. The rather caloric foods that you like most (pizza, pasta, cheese, etc.). This is because if you allow yourself an exception to the rule. Perhaps even without realizing it.  Keto diet recipes You risk eating much more of your favorite food easily. Imaginable consequences on the line. In particular, carbohydrates should not exclude from the diet. It is preferable to choose whole grains that contain mainly fiber; otherwise, once reintroduced, you will not only regain the lost kilos, but you could also encounter some nutritional imbalance.


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