No doubt, days leading up to your wedding can get very hectic and before you know it you are preparing to walk down the aisle. In fact, there are ample things to take care of that are overwhelming very readily like decorations, wedding linen direct from your suppliers, cake and food. So, if you aim to have a stress-free wedding day, then here are the things that you need to know before the special day!

Stick To These Steps to Prepare Yourself For Wedding Day:

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Clear your schedule:

If you have any big upcoming assignments and projects to take care of, you ought to make sure to tackle them early on the week. Make sure that no major tasks clouding your mind before your wedding. In actual, your work is said to be as the last thing, which you want to add to your list of worries!

Make sure everyone RSVP’d:

You should have to grab your phone and call everyone who didn’t get the chance to RSVP yet. You are responsible to get the hold of them and see whether they’re coming or not! While it seems embarrassing to chase individuals like that, it always approaches good to know the final number of guests before the wedding. 

Give your look a test drive:

Yes, you ought to pick up your dress in advance, but no need to leave it there until the wedding! All you need to try it on (together with a pair of shoes and jewellery) to get the feel of it. You ought to walk up and down your home to ensure everything feels comfy. Pro tip: Sound strange. You ought to practice going to the washroom in your dress – it’s super tricky!

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Have a makeup trial:

The good approach is to get your makeup and hair done by professionals, even it doesn’t matter how skilled you’re with beauty tools. Don’t fret, you can find certain perfect makeup artist online that provides you with a stunning look – yes, the camera’s going to love you! Well, find your makeup artist and book a makeup trial. This is the best approach that will assist you to reduce plenty of stress when the day of the wedding comes.

Break-in your shoes:

Yes, it’s a great time to break your shoes in as during your wedding day you will be wearing them for a long time, so you don’t want to risk any blisters and chafes. So, you ought to wear your wedding shoes around the house for an hour each day to get the feel.


Finalize your shot list:

Now, it’s time to have a list of all types of photographs, which you aim to bring home from your wedding. Maybe your family from abroad will arrive, friends from college are here or maybe just your aim to have some specific shots of you, and even your partner and the venue. It doesn’t matter, whatever is it, all you need to make a list and give it to your photographer. No doubt, they have certain experience in shooting weddings, but remember that each couple is different and even aim for something different, so, once you provide them with a guideline, it is something that will make the whole affair much easier.

Pack your purse:

Yes, get a practical purse, it is said to be as a stunning accessory and it can come in very handy when you aim to fix your makeup. Get plenty of wet wipes into your purse as they can be true lifesavers. The wipes are best for removing dirt from your dress, shoes, sauce from the food station tablecloth and even cleaning your hands before your meal. 

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Once you stick to all of these preparations, all you have to do is just relax, grab your future spouse and enjoy your splendid and special moments. Yes, once you look into your spouse eyes, no doubt, everything will come into place and you will forget all about the fuss just you went through.


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