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We all struggle with body odor. And while perfumes and deodorants can help reduce this problem, sometimes they aren’t just enough. Some people actually fight body odors more than others. Definitely, it is not pleasant to inhale body odors – even on yourself. In addition, it is demoralizing to be told that others can smell these odors on you when you can’t feel it yourself. Among the chlorophyll benefits that influencers claim online is the elimination of body odors. And to get your own chlorophyll to work supplement, you can visit

All odors are adjustable, including sweat odors, bad breath, etc. The question is, how do you do it very effectively, and how long does it take for Chlorophyll to Work?

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The Source of Body Odor- Chlorophyll to Work

It wouldn’t help to solve a problem you don’t even know whose source is, wouldn’t it? Digging into the source of a problem before going for its solution is an integral part of creating solutions and better understandings. There’s just one tiny microorganism that causes all odors we experience in the body – bacteria. Almost every odor in the body is because of bacteria.

For example, when you’re sweating, the odor doesn’t really come from the sweat. It comes from the bacteria that feed on the sweat. The bacteria living on your skin are healthy and fully natural. As they reside on your skin, they don’t cause any problems aside from the smell of the chemicals they produce as a byproduct. Some of these byproducts include thioalcohol.

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But many might question why body odor is mainly present around the armpits. The reason for this is in the difference in sweat glands all through your body. The glands that are present all over your body, on your skin, are known as eccrine glands. They mainly produce sweat in the form of water, which is why it is mostly odorless. Apocrine glands, on the other hand, produce a different type of sweat – more proteins and filled lipids. Bacteria love to feed on these proteins and lipids. And that is why you will find the armpits becoming rather smelly due to odors.

Even for bad breath, this is a result of bacterial build-up. Bacteria living in our mouths help to break down food. They eat sugars as food and produce acids that break down teeth. In addition, they excrete substances that lead to the build-up of plaque and bad breath.

Now, even though you might not believe this, poop stinks because of bacteria. Bacteria in your intestines travel alongside the waste.

Chlorophyll Benefits for Body Odor

If you’ve seen the numerous videos that have gone viral on TikTok concerning chlorophyll benefits, then you probably have seen body odor control on the list. This is so much that some people have even branded it as nature’s own deodorant. Well, the question we know that you have in mind is whether this is true or not. And if it is, then how long does it take to work?

A study that was conducted several decades ago points to chlorophyll benefits, especially as a deodorant. It is a study on patients having colostomy bags. A colostomy is a medical or surgical procedure where the medical practitioners bypass the colon. They then redirect the end of the intestines to an artificial opening. This is an opening where feces collect in a bag. For obvious reasons, this can lead to unpleasant smells. To reduce these odors, scientists have tried many upgrades, including those on the bag. They have also tried using different supplements, including chlorophyll.

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For sure, this study proved that chlorophyll had the potency to reduce odors for colostomy patients. This is the study that forms the basis of argument today for chlorophyll benefits as a deodorant.

How Long Does it Take Before You Witness Chlorophyll Benefits?

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As for how long it can take for chlorophyll to work in terms of reducing odors, there’s no specific timeframe. There’s just a specific dosage that you can use daily, which is 300mg. The results are relative and differ from one person to the next. A standard practice is to use the supplement until you begin to see the results in terms of less odors. You can even opt to continue using it rather than stopping after the results.

The theory that many people go with is that chlorophyll binds to the bacteria in your body and on your skin. By doing so, it deprives it of food, thus, reducing the odors that emanate from these organisms.

In addition, chlorophyll benefits include acting as an antioxidant, which means that it helps in tackling free radicals. And we all know that a healthier body means less odors.

Final Thoughts

The speed at which chlorophyll works in the body to eliminate odors is different in people. For some, it may act fast, while in others it may take some time. Just be sure to stick it to your daily routine to get full chlorophyll benefits.


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